• NEW! The NGX Platform, a unified security platform for its perimeter, internal and Web security solutions, enables enterprises of all sizes to reduce the cost and complexity of security and ensure that their security systems can be easily extended to adapt to new and evolving threats.


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Software Blades

  • Description: SmartWorkflow provides a formal process of policy change management that helps administrators reduce errors and enhance compliance. Changing business needs produce a constant stream of requests to change firewall security policies. These changes can have far reaching implications if not done correctly including: slower firewall performance, network downtime, increased security risks, and lack of compliance with corporate and industry standards. Enterprises that have multiple firewall administrators and an environment of frequent changes need an automated solution that helps them review and authorize policy changes against approved configuration standards. Check Point’s SmartWorkflow software blade automates policy change management with visual traceability and full auditability.


  • Description: The Firewall Software Blade provides the highest level of security, with access control, application security, authentication and Network Address Translation (NAT) available to block unauthorized network users and protect enterprise users and data. The Firewall Software Blade leverages the Security Management Software Blades, enabling remote intelligent management with maximum efficiency.


  • Description: Check Point IPS Software Blade provides complete, integrated, next generation firewall intrusion prevention capabilities at multi-gigabit speeds, resulting in industry-leading total system security and performance. The IPS Blade provides complete threat coverage for clients, servers, OS and other vulnerabilities, malware/worm infections, and more. The Multi-Tier Threat Detection Engine combines signatures, protocol validation, anomaly detection, behavioral analysis, and other methods to provide the highest levels of network IPS protection.


Product Images

  • Description: Smart-1 appliances deliver Check Point’s market leading security management software blades on a dedicated hardware platform specifically designed for mid-size and large enterprise security networks. Based on Check Point’s software blade architecture, the line of four Smart-1 appliances are first to deliver a unified management solution for network, IPS and endpoint security with unsurpassed extensibility.

    Smart-1 25

    Smart-1 150

  • Description: Check Point Power-1™ appliances enable organizations to maximize security in high-performance environments such as large campuses or data centers. They combine firewall, IPSec VPN, and intrusion prevention with advanced acceleration technologies, delivering a high-performance security platform for multi-Gbps environments.


  • Description: Check Point IP Appliances—formerly Nokia IP Appliances—offer customers a single solution integrated with Check Point R70™ security gateway software. Through the Software Blade architecture, the new IP appliances are available standard with Check Point’s latest intrusion prevention (IPS) software blade. The Check Point IP appliance line now provides enterprises a fully integrated security solution backed by a new support plan, helping lower total cost of ownership.

    IP 295

    IP 695

    IP 2455

  • Description: UTM-1 130™ is an all-inclusive security gateway to protect small businesses and branch offices, starting at only $3,500. The UTM-1 130 simplifies security by combining the industry’s leading firewall, virtual private network (VPN), intrusion prevention, anti-virus, anti-spyware, URL filtering, Web security and messaging security into one centrally-managed, turn-key solution.

    UTM-1 130 (with Reflection)

  • UTM-1

    UTM-1 Interface

    UTM-1 Reporting Monitoring

  • Description: Check Point IPS-1 is a dedicated intrusion detection and prevention system (IDS/IPS) that helps organizations secure their enterprise network, and protect servers and critical data against worms, automated malware, and blended threats both known and unknown.

    IPS-1 Sensor

  • Description: VSX-1™ appliances are dedicated devices for multi-layer, multi-domain virtualized security. VSX-1 allows enterprises, data centers and service providers to consolidate up to 150 security gateways with firewall, IPsec and SSL virtual private network (VPN), intrusion prevention, VoIP security and URL filtering on a single device. Check Point VSX-1 appliance line comes in three models, ranging from 10 virtual security gateways to 150.

    VSX-1 3070

    VSX-1 9070 (with Reflection)

  • Description: Check Point VPN-1 Power NGX provides the most intelligent, reliable security for stopping attacks while simplifying business communications across the Internet. A tightly integrated combination of firewall, VPN and intrusion prevention, VPN-1 Power NGX is built on Stateful Inspection, Application Intelligence, and One-Click VPN technologies.


  • Description: Check Point Endpoint Security™ is the first and only single agent that combines all the critical components for total security on the endpoint. Check Point delivers higher levels of security while providing a transparent end user experience. Unique to endpoint security, the new Check Point WebCheck secures the endpoint against the rising number of web based threats and Check Point OneCheck unlocks all security systems on the PC with a single easy login. Check Point Endpoint Security is also the only single agent to include Data Security and Remote Access VPN. Unification of these essential endpoint security components into a single agent protects organizations from confidential data theft, viruses, and host-based intrusions while reducing administration time and costs associated with endpoint security management.


  • Description: Eventia Analyzer is a comprehensive security event management solution that automatically prioritizes security events for decisive, intelligent action. Eventia Analyzer turns volumes of raw data into actionable information to empower security administrators to make informed decisions on their security deployment.

    Eventia Analyzer Overview Screen Shot

    Eventia Analyzer Screen Shot

  • Description: Connectra allows mobile and remote workers to connect easily and securely to critical resources while protecting enterprise networks and endpoints from external threats. A broad range of connectivity scenarios, integrated intrusion prevention, Check Point Endpoint Security On Demand and powerful centralized management offer unprecedented control over remote access configurations and security policy administration. Connectra can be deployed as a turnkey appliance, software on an open server, or as a virtual appliance.

    Connectra 9072 Appliance

    Connectra Software

    Connectra Central Management with SmartCenter

    Connectra Central Management with SmartCenter

    Connectra Central Management with SmartCentera

  • Description: Check Point InterSpect, a new family of Internal Security Gateway solutions, revolutionizes the way that customers protect their internal networks and applications. The industry''s first complete internal security solution, Check Point InterSpect provides the deepest and most intelligent security available for safeguarding corporate networks from damaging cyber attacks that are introduced inside the network.

    Check Point InterSpect Appliance

    Check Point InterSpect GUI

  • Description: Check Point Safe@Office appliances address the Internet security requirements of small businesses with three to 75 concurrent users. Check Point Safe@Office appliances, starting at $299, are easy-to-use, highly affordable, and deliver the same proven Internet security to small businesses as used by 100% of the Fortune 100.

    Check Point Safe@Office Diagram

    Check Point Safe@Office 500 Series Appliance

    Check Point Safe@Office 500W Wireless Security Appliance

  • Description: Check Point UTM-1 Edge is a new line of turnkey Check Point VPN/security appliances specifically tailored for easy, cost-effective deployment of security to remote site business locations. Centrally manageable and easily incorporated into existing infrastructures, UTM-1 Edge is ideal for a broad range of business scenarios with remote sites numbering from few to thousands - such as retail sites connecting to corporate resources, franchise locations, small remote offices, and business partner extranets.

    Check Point UTM-1 Edge Diagram

    Check Point UTM-1 Edge Series Appliance

    UTM-1 Edge Wireless Security Appliance

  • Description: VPN-1 UTM NGX, a comprehensive VPN/security solution especially designed to meet the unique Internet security needs of mid-sized businesses with up to 500 users, delivers all the essential security elements required by a mid-sized business in one convenient, affordable solution - including firewall, VPN, network and application attack protection and multi-site, centralized management.

    VPN-1 UTM NGX Diagram

    VPN-1 UTM NGX Screen Shot

  • Description: VPN-1 UTM solves the security puzzle for your organization by providing firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, and antivirus functionality in a fully integrated solution that can be installed in less then 5 minutes.

    VPN-1 UTM A/V Interface within SmartCenter


  • Description: VPN-1 VSX (Virtual System Extension) NGX is an integrated VPN/firewall solution that provides unmatched security protection and simplified deployment and management for complex security environments. It is designed for enterprise and service provider customers and protects multiple networks by utilizing up to 250 virtualized security gateways running on a single hardware platform, reducing hardware costs and complexity.

    VPN-1 VSX NGX Screen Shot

  • FireWall-1 GX Management Console

    Caption: FireWall-1 GX Management Console - The FireWall-1 GX Management Console provides a graphical illustration of the General Packet Radio Service (GPRS) infrastructure (via the Visual Policy Editor). Policy rules enforce security and track GPRS Tunneling Protocol (GTP) communications.

    FireWall-1 GX

    Caption: FireWall-1 GX - FireWall-1 GX provides granular security for GPRS enabled networks. Here, GTP service properties ensure that only authorized GTP traffic is allowed on this link.

    FireWall-1 GX Log File Viewer

    Caption: FireWall-1 GX Log File Viewer - A rich set of information is recorded in the FireWall-1 GX log file, including tunnel information such as Tunnel ID, MS-ISDN and APN. This information enables wireless operators the ability to audit, report and alert on GPRS traffic.

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