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Liquid Machines Acquisition FAQ

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  1. What is Liquid Machines?
    Liquid Machines is a US based company, headquartered in Waltham, MA, and is a market leader in the field of Enterprise Rights Management.  Liquid Machines was founded in 2001, and its customers include Fortune 100 companies in the financial services, utility and industrial sectors.  Liquid Machines has several dozen employees, most of whom will continue as Check Point employees.
  2. What is the technology acquired from Liquid Machines?
    Liquid Machines’ technology prevents the misuse, modification, loss or theft of intellectual property and sensitive information residing in documents and has 12 issued and pending patents covering its capabilities. Check Point is also acquiring the strong team that has built this impressive technology to continue the development and enhancement process.
  3. Why did Check Point make this acquisition?
    Check Point has always provided the most comprehensive security to its customers.  This acquisition is a natural extension of Check Point’s portfolio to ensure all sensitive data is fully secure with the addition of document encryption.  Liquid Machines is a recognized leader in this market and has proven, patented technology used by large corporations with strong data security constraints. Check Point’s acquisition of the industry’s highly regarded data and content security technology from Liquid Machines will provide customers with the ability to steadily make their data more secure.
  4. What was the amount of the transaction?
    We will not provide any details on the financial terms of this transaction, which is not expected to have a significant impact on our results this year.
  5. What is Check Point’s data security strategy?
    Check Point’s data security strategy focuses on securing data throughout its lifecycle; Check Point Full Disk Encryption prevents data loss due to lost or stolen devices, Check Point Virtual Private Networking (VPN) turns any network into a secure and encrypted communication channel, and Check Point’s recently announced Data Loss Prevention products prevent sensitive data from being leaked out of the organization.  The Liquid Machines technology will be part of Check Point’s future product suite and will enable secure sharing of documents.
  6. How will Check Point be using this acquired technology?
    Check Point will broaden its data security solutions with document encryption, providing the most comprehensive and integrated data security portfolio in the industry.
  7. Why is document encryption needed?
    As the internet and email allows workers to disseminate more sensitive information inside and outside a company, an organization’s ability to secure its content and data is a constant and increasing concern.  Check Point, already a leader in data security with solutions such as Full Disk Encryption, Media Encryption, Port Protection and Data Loss prevention, continues to expand its leadership with this acquisition.
  8. When will the technology integration be available to customers as part of Check Point’s product portfolio?
    In 2011, Check Point will introduce new products based on the acquired technology.
  9. What will happen to Liquid Machines current technology?
    Check Point will continue to sell and support Liquid Machines’ existing products.
  10. I am a customer of Liquid Machines, what will happen to my investment?
    Check Point is committed to protect and further develop customers existing investment.  Check Point will continue to fully support all existing customers.

Support Programs

  1. How will Check Point integrate Liquid Machines Support customers?
    Customers with Liquid Machines support will be automatically upgraded to Check Point support which offers extended service level agreements (SLA) per the chart below. We will create new user accounts for each of your known Named Contacts and send email confirmation when complete. If you do not receive your User Center account information, contact Check Point Account Services by emailing Account Services or by calling: +1(972) 444-6600, and select option 5.

    Check Point will honor existing Liquid Machines SLA commitments and special addendums to Security Assurance Subscription and Security Assurance Subscription Plus plans until they expire.
    Liquid Machines
    Support Programs
    Check Point
    Support Programs
    Check Point
    SLA Summary
    Security Assurance Subscription Enterprise Standard Support 5x9 support Business Day
    30-minute response for Severity 1
    4-hour response for Severity 2, 3 & 4
    5 Designated Support Contacts
    Security Assurance Subscription Plus Enterprise Premium Support 7x24 support Every Day
    30-minute response for Severity 1
    2- hour for Severity 2
    4-hour response for Severity 3 &4
    10 Designated Support Contacts
  2. How do these changes benefit customers?
    Check Point offers global 7x24 support with anytime access to experts via phone, web, and chat-based support and sophisticated self-help tools including:
    1. Fault diagnosis
    2. Usability and configuration support
    3. Hardware replacement and repair services
    4. Software updates and upgrades
  3. Where can I find more information?
    Click here for more information about Check Point’s support programs and plans.
  4. What Check Point product family will include Liquid Machines?
    Liquid Machines products will be part of our Endpoint & Data Security product family.

Support Accounts, Tools & Resources

  1. What is Check Point User Center?
    Check Point User Center is your personal account management tool that provides access to products, licenses, quotes and services via the Check Point Support Center.  It can be accessed online at https://usercenter.checkpoint.com/usercenter/ via a login.
  2. How can I obtain a login for my Check Point User center account?
    If you have not received your User Center account information, please contact Check Point Account Services for assistance by emailing Account Services or by calling: +1(972) 444-6600, and select option 5.
  3. What is the Check Point Support Center?
    Check Point Support Center is a 7x24 technical support web that provides instant access to experts and information.  It can be accessed online at https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com/supportcenter/ and includes the following resources:
    • LiveChat support
    • SecureKnowledge database
    • Online Service Request management
    • Software downloads
    • Critical hot fixes
    • User Guides and release notes
    • Diagnostic tools
  4. What is LiveChat?
    LiveChat is a 7x24 technical chat tool with Support experts who can instantly answer questions or help you quickly resolve your Service Request.   LiveChat can be accessed online at https://supportcenter.checkpoint.com/supportcenter/
  5. Where can I find Knowledgebase Articles?
    Check Point Support Center's  SecureKnowledge is an extensive, growing database with thousands of technical solutions, best-practices and configuration guidelines. SecureKnowledge provides useful search results and instant access to a wealth of information such as Where to find Liquid Machines support information, and Step-by-Step Guide to the Check Point User Center.
  6. Where can I find Documentation?
    Check Point Support Center gives you access to a wide variety of product documentation including User Guides, Installation Guides, Getting Started Guides, Reference Manuals, and Release Notes. For LM product documentation, Click here.
  7. Where can I find Software Downloads and Tools?
    Check Point Support Center allows you to search a full library of critical maintenance releases, service packs, and major product upgrades that are essential for maintaining your security. For your custom LM product downloads, please contact and obtain from Check Point Technical Assistant Center (TAC): Americas +1 (972) 444 6600 or International +972 3 611 5100, and select option 1.
  8. How can I open and manage service requests on the web?
    Check Point provides a web-based tool to help you create, manage and track your service requests (SR) online with automatic alerts.  To open a new Service Request, log in to the Check Point User Center , click the “Support” Tab and then click “Create Service Request”.  To view and manage your Service Requests, select “My Service Requests”.  Detailed instructions are available for your reference.
  9. How can I contact Support via phone?
    For Data Security products, including Liquid Machines Document Control and Liquid Machines Email Control, please contact Check Point Technical Assistant Center (TAC): Americas +1 (972) 444 6600 or International +972 3 611 5100, and select option 1.
  10. Can I contact Support via Email?
    Check Point utilizes an online service request management tool where all correspondence and information related to your case is stored and new service requests can only be created via this tool. We will correspond with customers by email about open service requests. Emails must contain your case number in the subject line for case tracking.

Enterprise Diamond & TAM Service

  1. What is Enterprise Diamond Support?
    Diamond support is an annual subscription service for companies who need Check Point’s highest service level agreement. It  includes a local, designated support engineer who creates a personal service partnership with your support team, and is committed to delivering superior support to help meet your critical support needs quickly and efficiently. Click here for more information about Diamond Support.
  2. What are the benefits of Enterprise Diamond Support?
    1. 1 designated support engineer for all Check Point support needs
    2. Fast solutions through optimization of Check Point resources and best practice guidelines
    3. Weekly status calls and detailed quarterly service reviews
    4. Expert level access to SecureKnowledge knowledgebase for complex troubleshooting in risky environments
    5. Special high-priority HF to HFA upgrade
    6. Faster escalation for hardware replacement services
    7. 4-10 onsite days; 2-6 half-day phone consultation sessions (Note: The exact amount is per account size, to get more detailed information click here )
    8. Up-to 20 additional onsite days and up-to 70 additional off-site days that can be used to:
      • augment staff
      • eliminate problems before they occur
      • improve the overall performance of your security deployment
  3. What is the Technical Account Manager program?
    The Technical Account Management program is an annual subscription service for end-users that provides a designated regionally-based Technical Account Manager (TAM).  The TAM will deliver a flexible suite of services based on your specific needs. The Advanced Technical Account Management Service includes up to five days of dedicated support at the customer’s site and up to forty days of dedicated support delivered remotely from a Check Point location.
    • The specific deliverables during that time may include any combination of the following activities:
    • Enhanced proactive account management
    • Operations assistance and review
    • Design review
    • Test lab topology setup and testing assistance
    • Support Planning
    • Diagnostics and troubleshooting assistance