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The Check Point 2014 Security Report highlights major security events in 2013 and current malware trends. The data included in this report is based on collaborative research and in-depth analysis of 200,000+ hours of monitored network traffic from 996 organizations of various industries.



Every 1min a host accesses a malicious website


Every 9mins a High Risk application is being used


Every 27mins unknown malware is downloaded


Every 49mins sensitive data is sent outside the organization


Every 24h a host is infected with a bot

Download this report to understand the range of threats facing your organization and new actions to improve the protection of your IT environment.

About Check Point Software-defined Protection

In order to protect against today's evolving threat landscape, while supporting high-demanding IT infrastructures, Check Point introduces Software-defined Protection (SDP). This new, pragmatic security architecture provides operational resilience and real-time, proactive protection. SDP secures organizations of all sizes, and at any location: headquarters, branch offices, mobile devices, or cloud environments.
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