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Mitigate and Respond to DoS Attacks: What You Need to Know

Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are a very real threat to today's corporations, financial institutions, government agencies, and service providers. Attackers can cripple the availability of the Internet resources of any entity – including very large companies – with relatively little effort using low-cost (or free!) tools. They attack networks for a variety of reasons – "hacktivism", cyber warfare, and/or financial gain. Even short-term unavailability of a company's Internet presence can be devastating to its business.

Download Check Point's DoS Attacks: Response Planning and Mitigation white paper, and learn about the various kinds of network and application DoS attacks, including SYN/HTTP/UDP floods, low rate DDoS, LOIC, HOIC, Slowloris, and others. You'll gain an understanding of the importance of developing a DDoS plan of response before you come under attack, as well as things to consider when developing that plan. Finally, you'll learn about how Check Point Software Blades and the new DDoS Protector appliances can help mitigate denial of service attacks!


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DoS Attacks: Response Planning and Mitigation White Paper