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The 4th BankTech Executive Summit 2013

Events: Pacific Rim

The 4th BankTech Executive Summit 2013
January 29, 2013
09:00AM - 17:30PM
Hong Kong

The world is undergoing enormous changes, a process of great upheaval and great possibility. Technology races on.

The global economic outlook for 2013 is full of uncertainties - the ongoing financial crisis, the heightened regulatory pressure in tandem with the ever-increasing customer expectation. How can Financial Institutes unleash the power of technology and reshape the business processes notwithstanding these uncertainties? And nowadays customers are empowered to have access to financial services, information and advice from anywhere and at anytime. This is a new reality. No longer can businesses safely ignore their customers needs or be less than obsessed with constant quality improvement. After all, can the traditional bank IT structure survive? What will separate the survivors from the victims of this new reality?

Check Point is a diamond sponsor at this summit and Calvin Ng, regional manager, Hong Kong, Macau& Korea will discuss with you a case study on How 36 Million Euros was Stolen from Bank Customers - this case study dissects the attack and provides a step-by-step walkthrough of how the full attack transpired from the initial infection through to the illicit financial transfer, and provide insights to how enterprise or individuals can protect themselves against the cyberattack.

For more information, please contact Fiona Chow at fionac@checkpoint.com.

MRS221, Level 2, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center
Hong Kong