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Security Best Practice: Updating Integrity Clientless Security (ICS) for Connectra

Attack ID: CPSA-2005-11
Publish Date:
Last Update:
Category: Endpoint Security
Vulnerable Systems: Microsoft Windows clients
Source: SmartDefense Research Center
Description: Check Point Integrity ™ Clientless Security (ICS) for Connectra prevents users with potentially harmful software from accessing your network and also requires that they conform to your antivirus and firewall policies. For more information, please refer to Connectra documentation and to ICS administration Guide.  



Integrity Clientless Security (ICS) provides various configuration options, including:

  • Malware Protection - ICS detects threats posed by Malware types, such as Worms, Trojan horses, Hacker's tools, Key loggers, Browser plug-ins, Adwares, Third party cookies, and so forth.
  • Anti Virus Rules - ICS can be configured to allow connectivity only to users with specific anti-virus engines (i.e Sophos, Trend Micro).  
  • Integrity Firewall Client - By activating this feature, ICS will scan for the presence of a firewall on the user's machine and can be configured to allow access only to users with Integrity Firewall installed.
  • Integrity Secure Browser (ISB) - Integrity Secure Browser (ISB) protects all session-specific data, accumulated on the client side, during browsing. Integrity secure browser prevents data leakage, by encrypting the browser's cache and wiping it at the end of the user session.
Attack Detection:

Users Of Connectra 2.0 and Connectra NGX who have updated their Connectra machines will identify logs such as the following:

Malware type: 3rd party cookie
Malware name: Adware


By updating SmartDefense Service, users of Connectra 2.0 and Connectra NGX can update their Integrity Clientless Security (ICS) component:

1. On the navigation tree, click Security > SmartDefense Service.

2. Click Check for updates. Your current SmartDefense, ICS and ISB versions, date of version upload and new version available are displayed.

3. On the Question window, click Yes if you wish to continue with the upgrade. The Download updated content form is displayed:

  • Enter your User Center username and password.
  • Select Update Integrity Clientless Security and Integrity Secure Browser.

4. Click Download updates. You are informed that the SmartDefense content was updated successfully. Click OK.


Industry Reference:
Additional Information: Integrity Clientless Security Administrator Guide
Connectra Documentation