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BIND Vulnerability
(CVE-2009-0696, VU#725188)

ISC BIND 9 contains a vulnerability that may allow a remote attacker to create a denial-of-service condition. An exploit is currently available in the wild. Check Point protects against attacks that use this vulnerability through its IPS products.

Free SmartDefense 30 Day TrialMicrosoft Windows AVI Vulnerabilities
(MS09-038, CVE-2009-1545, CVE-2009-1546)

Two remote code execution vulnerabilities have been discovered in the way Microsoft Windows handles AVI files. An attacker can exploit this flaw to execute arbitrary code on a vulnerable system via a malicious AVI file. Check Point provides protections against attacks that use these vulnerabilities through its integrated IPS offerings.

Microsoft Windows Workstation Service Vulnerability
(MS09-041, CVE-2009-1544)

An elevation of privilege vulnerability has been reported in the Microsoft Windows Workstation Service. An attacker may exploit this issue to run arbitrary code with elevated privileges on an affected system. Check Point provides protection against attacks that use this vulnerability through its integrated IPS offerings.
August 11, 2009

  • BIND Vulnerability
  • Microsoft Windows AVI Vulnerabilities
  • Microsoft Windows Workstation Service Vulnerability
  • Adding a Network Exception from a Log Entry
  • Including Patch Tuesday
Best Practice: Adding a Network Exception from a Log Entry
When viewing your logs, you may find that you need to create an exception to a protection to allow legitimate traffic. For example, while you may wish to generally prohibit a certain application, you may need to allow a particular individual to use it. You may also need to set exceptions to rules when working with a server that does not comply with RFC standards. With Check Point IPS Software Blade you can set exceptions directly from the log. By setting an exception, you can allow traffic that would normally be blocked by that protection.

To configure an exception:
  1. Right click the IPS log entry in SmartView Monitor.
  2. Select Add Exception.
  3. Configure the exception.
    You can configure the exception for a specific profile or for all of them. You can also make the exception apply to just one protection or all similar protections. See the online help for details.
  4. To make exception management easier, it is highly recommended that you include in the Comment field the reason for the exception, your name, and the name of the person who approved the exception.
» Highlighted Protections

This table lists Check Point protections for recently disclosed threats. In some cases, Check Point protections against such threats or threat types have been available for some time, and the date listed is the date when the protection became available.

Severity Vulnerability Description SmartDefense Protection
Industry Reference SmartDefense Reference
CriticalCritical Microsoft Windows AVI File Data Validation Integer Overflow  11-Aug-09 MS09-038
CriticalCritical Microsoft Windows AVI Processing Malformed Header Remote Code Execution  11-Aug-09 MS09-038
CriticalCritical Microsoft WINS Buffer Allocation Integer Overflow 11-Aug-09 MS09-039
CriticalCritical Microsoft WINS Buffer Length Heap Overflow  11-Aug-09 MS09-039
CriticalCritical Microsoft Remote Desktop Client Connection ActiveX Heap Overflow  11-Aug-09 MS09-044
CriticalCritical Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection DWORD Heap Overflow  11-Aug-09 MS09-044
CriticalCritical Invalid IIS ASP.Net URI Character Requests 11-Aug-09 MS09-036
CriticalCritical Internet Explorer Uninitialized Memory Corruption  28-Jul-09 MS09-034
CriticalCritical Internet Explorer HTML Objects Memory Corruption 28-Jul-09 MS09-034
CriticalCritical Internet Explorer Memory Corruption  28-Jul-09 MS09-034
CriticalCritical Novell Client NetIdentity Agent Remote Code Execution  24-Jul-09 CVE-2009-1350 CPAI-2009-209
CriticalCritical DHCP Stack Overflow in 'dhclient' script_write_params() 17-Jul-09 CVE-2009-0692 CPAI-2009-207
CriticalHigh Microsoft Windows Workstation Routine Memory Corruption  11-Aug-09 MS09-041
CriticalHigh Microsoft Windows Telnet Services Credential Reflection Code Execution 11-Aug-09 MS09-042
CriticalHigh ISC BIND 9 Denial of Service  29-Jul-09 CVE-2009-0696 CPAI-2009-219
CriticalHigh Oracle BEA Weblogic Server console-help.portal Cross-Site Scripting 24-Jul-09 CVE-2009-1975 CPAI-2009-211
CriticalHigh Oracle Database Secure Enterprise Search Cross Site Scripting  24-Jul-09 CVE-2009-1968 CPAI-2009-223
CriticalHigh Cisco IOS Administrative Interface HTTP Authentication  31-Jul-09 CVE-2009-1166

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