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Microsoft Patches Two 0-day Vulnerabilities
(MS10-042, MS10-043)

In the July security update Microsoft patched two 0-day vulnerabilities. The Windows Help and Support Center vulnerability that was reported in early June by a Google security engineer along with proof of concept code went unpatched for 33 days. The Windows Canonical Display Driver vulnerability that they acknowledged in mid-May went unpatched for 55 days. The Check Point IPS Software Blade provided protection within three days of the public disclosure of these vulnerabilities. More information.

Update Services - Buy NowMicrosoft Outlook AttachMethods Vulnerability
(MS10-045, CVE-2010-0266)

A remote code execution vulnerability exists in the way that Microsoft Office Outlook verifies attachments in e-mail messages. A remote attacker may exploit this vulnerability to take complete control of the affected system. The Check Point IPS Software Blade detects and blocks attempts to bypass the Outlook attachment filter.  More information.

IPS Update for Critical Adobe Vulnerabilities in APSB10-15

Adobe released an accelerated quarterly security update on June 29th to patch critical vulnerabilities in Adobe Reader and Acrobat that are being exploited in the wild. A remote attacker may exploit these vulnerabilities to take complete control of an affected system. Check Point recommends applying these patches and the additional Check Point protections in the IPS Software Blade. More information.
July 13, 2010
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Deployment Tip
Best Practice:  Evaluate IPS today

If you want intrusion protection, you can simply enable the IPS Software Blade; however, it won’t enforce the latest protections until you have a valid IPS contract*. Get a 30 day IPS contract from the Check Point User Center and begin your evaluation of intrusion protection from Check Point today.

To evaluate IPS:

  1. In the User Center
    1. Select Products -> My Products
    2. For the relevant product select Actions -> Evaluate IPS
  2. In SmartUpdate
    1. Select Licenses & Contracts -> Update ContractsFrom User Center
    2. Enter your User Center credentials
    3. Begin your evaluation
User Center example:

User Center Example

SmartUpdate Example:

SmartUpdate Example

* More information about IPS contracts is available in SecureKnowledge solution sk44175.

» Highlighted Protections

This table lists Check Point protections for recently disclosed threats. In some cases, Check Point protections against such threats or threat types have been available for some time, and the date listed is the date when the protection became available.

Severity Vulnerability Description Check Point Protection
Industry Reference Check Point Reference
CriticalCritical Microsoft Windows Canonical Display Driver Denial of Service  20-May-10 CVE-2009-3678
CriticalCritical Microsoft Office Access ACCWIZ.dll Uninitialized Variable Remote Code Execution 13-Jul-10 CVE-2010-1881
CriticalCritical Microsoft Internet Explorer Access ActiveX Controls Remote Code Execution 13-Jul-10 CVE-2010-0814
CriticalCritical Adobe Reader and Acrobat Launch Action Command Code Execution  30-Jun-10 CVE-2010-1240 
CriticalCritical Adobe Flash Player Deprecated Tag Memory Corruption Vulnerability  22-Jun-10 CVE-2010-2186
CriticalCritical Adobe Flash Player Embedded JPEG Remote Code Execution  22-Jun-10 CVE-2010-2164
CriticalCritical Adobe Flash Player Embedded Image Integer Overflow  22-Jun-10 CVE-2010-2170
CriticalCritical Adobe Photoshop CS4 ABR File Processing Buffer Overflow 27-Jun-10 CVE-2010-1296
CriticalHigh Microsoft Internet Explorer Help and Support Center Remote Code Execution  13-Jun-10 CVE-2010-1885
CriticalHigh Microsoft Outlook AttachMethods Remote Code Execution  13-Jul-10 CVE-2010-0266
CriticalHigh PDF Files Containing Embedded Adobe Flash Movies Vulnerabilities  30-Jun-10 CVE-2010-1297
CriticalHigh PDF Files Containing Malformed JBIG2 Structure Vulnerabilities 06-Jul-10 CVE-2009-0658
CriticalHigh Apple Safari for Windows and Internet Explorer Combined Code Execution  13-Jul-10 CVE-2008-2540
Microsoft Security Advisory (953818)
CriticalHigh Apple Safari parent.close Code Execution 06-Jul-10 CVE-2010-1939 CPAI-2010-215

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