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Microsoft Patches Three Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
Microsoft reported three zero-day vulnerabilities in the closing days of 2010 and the first week of 2011 that have been patched in their monthly patch roundup released on February 8, 2011. Check Point customers have enjoyed network protection against these vulnerabilities since shortly after their announcement, and in one case pre-emptive protection has been in place since early 2006. Learn More .

Zero-Day Information Disclosure Vulnerability in Microsoft MHTML Protocol Handler
An information disclosure vulnerability has been reported in the Microsoft Windows MHTML protocol handler. This vulnerability could allow an attacker to cause malicious scripts to be run on the targeted machine when visiting various Web sites, resulting in information disclosure. No patch has been announced by Microsoft as of February 8, 2011. Until a patch is released, Check Point IPS Software Blade and SmartDefense provide network protection against these vulnerabilities in the latest IPS update by detecting and blocking attempts to exploit them. Learn More .

Security Best Practice: Blocking iPhone Web Browsing on the Enterprise Wireless Network
Some organizations prefer to prevent the use of their wireless networks by smartphones for browsing the Internet, since those connections can potentially take up a lot of bandwidth and also because this kind of use may circumvent the organizational security policy. The Check Point IPS Software Blade can block HTTP browsing from iPhones that are connected to the corporate network. Learn More .

February 8, 2011
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Top Protections
Microsoft Patches Three Zero-Day Vulnerabilities
Zero-Day Information Disclosure Vulnerability in Microsoft MHTML Protocol Handler
Security Best Practice: Blocking iPhone Web Browsing on the Enterprise Wireless Network
Deployment Tip
Use Identity Logging to Show User and Machine Names in IPS Logs
Highlighted Protections
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Deployment Tip
Use Identity Logging to Show User and Machine Names in IPS Logs

One of the first steps after identifying a significant event on the network is to understand WHO did it and WHERE it came from. Introduced in R70.2, Identity Logging aids in analyzing network traffic and security-related events by identifying the specific user by name that initiated the traffic. (Previously, source traffic was identified only by its URL or IP address.) It works by extracting user and computer name information from Active Directory (AD) logs and inserting that information into the Check Point logs.

Identity Logging

You can configure user and computer identification settings using SmartDashboard on any Security Management Server or log server object.

» Highlighted Protections

This table lists Check Point protections for recently disclosed threats. In some cases, Check Point protections against such threats or threat types have been available for some time, and the date listed is the date when the protection became available.

Severity Vulnerability Description Check Point Protection
Industry Reference Check Point Reference
CriticalCritical Microsoft Graphics Rendering Engine Thumbnail Image Stack Buffer Overflow 09-Jan-2011 CVE-2010-3970
CriticalCritical Microsoft IIS FTP Server Telnet IAC Buffer Overflow 26-Dec-2010 CVE-2010-3972
CriticalCritical Microsoft OpenType CFF Driver Font Encoded Character Corruption 08-Feb-2011 CVE-2011-0033
CriticalCritical Microsoft Internet Explorer Insert Document Object Memory Corruption 08-Feb-2011 CVE-2011-0036
CriticalCritical Microsoft Internet Explorer onCellChange Event Memory Corruption 08-Feb-2011 CVE-2011-0035
CriticalHigh Microsoft Internet Explorer MHTML Information Disclosure 31-Jan-2010 CVE-2011-0096
Microsoft 2501696
CriticalHigh Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS Recursive Import Memory Corruption 27-Dec-2010 CVE-2010-3971
CriticalHigh Blocking Apple iPhone Browsing Application Control 02-Feb-2011 IPS Research Center SBP-2011-02
CriticalHigh Microsoft Active Directory SPN Validation Denial of Service 08-Feb-2011 CVE-2011-0040
CriticalHigh Microsoft Kerberos Implementation Spoofing Elevation of Privilege 08-Feb-2011 CVE-2011-0091 
CriticalHigh Opera Browser Document Writing Uninitialized Memory Access 31-Jan-2011 CVE-2010-1728 CPAI-2011-100

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