IPS Protections: Security Gateway R75 and above

Release Date Description Advisory
29 Mar 2015 Adobe Flash Player Memory Corruption (APSB15-05; CVE-2015-0333) CPAI-2015-0271
29 Mar 2015 WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin SQL Injection (CVE-2015-2292) CPAI-2015-0262
29 Mar 2015 FireFlood Denial of Service Tool CPAI-2015-0256
29 Mar 2015 WordPress Fusion Theme Arbitrary File Upload (CVE-2015-2194) CPAI-2015-0261
29 Mar 2015 Domain Name Fake SSL Certificate CPAI-2015-0276
29 Mar 2015 Wireshark SigComp UDVM Dissector Remote Code Execution (CVE-2010-2287) CPAI-2015-0163
29 Mar 2015 Google Email Application Header Parsing Denial Of Service CPAI-2015-0167
29 Mar 2015 Shodan.io Internet Of Things Scanner CPAI-2015-0263
29 Mar 2015 Mozilla Firefox WebRTC Man-in-the-Middle Attack (CVE-2015-0834) CPAI-2015-0273
29 Mar 2015 Masscan Port Scanner CPAI-2015-0259
29 Mar 2015 Jays Shell Booter Denial of Service Tool CPAI-2015-0254
29 Mar 2015 HappyMall E-Commerce Software Member_HTML.CGI Command Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2003-0243) CPAI-2015-0255
29 Mar 2015 Adobe Flash Player Memory Corruption (APSB15-05; CVE-2015-0332) CPAI-2015-0266
22 Mar 2015 CCMPlayer Stack based Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-5170) CPAI-2015-0246
22 Mar 2015 Symantec Encryption Management Server Database Backup Command Injection (CVE-2014-7288) CPAI-2015-0203
22 Mar 2015 Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner CPAI-2015-0260
22 Mar 2015 Zend PHP Auto Loading Mechanism Local File Inclusion CPAI-2015-0126
22 Mar 2015 OpenSSL ssl23_get_client_hello Function Denial of Service (CVE-2014-3569) CPAI-2015-0029
22 Mar 2015 Zend PHP Advanced Local File Inclusion CPAI-2015-0127
22 Mar 2015 OpenSSL DTLS dtls1_buffer_record Denial of Service (CVE-2015-0206) CPAI-2015-0053