IPS Protections: Security Gateway R75 and above

Release Date Description Advisory
1 Aug 2015 ISC BIND Invalid TKEY Query Denial Of Service (CVE-2015-5477) CPAI-2015-0908
28 Jul 2015 Arcserve Unified Data Protection Management getBackupPolicies Information Disclosure (CVE-2015-4069) CPAI-2015-0860
28 Jul 2015 EMC AutoStart ftagent Remote Command Execution (CVE-2015-0538) CPAI-2015-0859
28 Jul 2015 Panasonic Security API SDK Iprosapi ActiveX Control FilePassword Buffer Overflow (CVE-2015-4647) CPAI-2015-0804
28 Jul 2015 cURL and libcurl Cookie Path Parsing Remote Code Execution (CVE-2015-3145) CPAI-2015-0857
28 Jul 2015 Adobe Flash Player Memory Corruption (APSB15-16; CVE-2015-3117) CPAI-2015-0867
28 Jul 2015 Adobe Flash Use After Free Code Execution (APSB15-16; CVE-2015-3118) CPAI-2015-0870
28 Jul 2015 Fiesta Exploit Kit Landing Page CPAI-2015-0876
28 Jul 2015 Panasonic Security API SDK MulticastAddr Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2015-4648) CPAI-2015-0865
28 Jul 2015 Adobe Flash Player Same Origin Policy Bypass (APSB15-16; CVE-2015-3116) CPAI-2015-0862
28 Jul 2015 HP LoadRunner launcher.dll Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2015-2110) CPAI-2015-0686
28 Jul 2015 IBM Lotus Notes Attachment Viewer UUE File Handling Buffer Overflow - ver 2 (CVE-2005-2618) CPAI-2015-0880
28 Jul 2015 Samsung Security Manager ActiveMQ Broker Service Multiple Vulnerabilities (CVE-2015-1499) CPAI-2015-0629
28 Jul 2015 Google Chrome XSSAuditor Policy ByPass CPAI-2015-0800
28 Jul 2015 IBM Tivoli Storage Manager FastBack Mount vault Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2015-1896) CPAI-2015-0805
28 Jul 2015 WebGate Multiple Products WESPSerialPortCtrl Buffer Overflow (CVE-2015-2097) CPAI-2015-0825
28 Jul 2015 ManageEngine Applications Manager CommonAPIUtil SyncMonitors haid SQL Injection CPAI-2015-0864
28 Jul 2015 ManageEngine Applications Manager CommonAPIUtil getMGList groupId SQL Injection CPAI-2015-0836
28 Jul 2015 WordPress MailChimp Subscribe Forms PHP Code Execution CPAI-2015-0803
28 Jul 2015 Microsoft Office Remote Code Execution (MS15-059; CVE-2015-1760) CPAI-2015-0879