Release Date Description Advisory
17 Nov 2014 VisiWave VWR File Parsing Vulnerability (CVE-2011-2386) CPAI-2014-1882
17 Nov 2014 LifeSize Room Security Bypass and Command Injection Vulnerabilities (CVE-2011-2763) CPAI-2014-1938
17 Nov 2014 Adobe Flash Player and AIR String Concatenation Integer Overflow (CVE-2014-0550) CPAI-2014-1911
17 Nov 2014 ManageEngine Multiple Products FileCollector Directory Traversal (CVE-2014-6035) CPAI-2014-1905
17 Nov 2014 HP System Management Homepage red2301.html RedirectUrl Cross Site Scripting (CVE-2014-2640) CPAI-2014-1955
17 Nov 2014 activeCollab Chat Module Arbitrary PHP Code Execution Vulnerability (CVE-2012-6554) CPAI-2014-1968
17 Nov 2014 HP Sprinter Tidestone Formula One DefaultFontName Buffer Overflow (CVE-2014-2638) CPAI-2014-1945
17 Nov 2014 ManageEngine Multiple Products FileCollector doPost Directory Traversal (CVE-2014-6034) CPAI-2014-1895
17 Nov 2014 AlienVault OSSIM Framework Backup Command Execution (CVE-2014-5158) CPAI-2014-1914
17 Nov 2014 Belkin N750 Router Unauthenticated Remote Command Execution (CVE-2014-1635) CPAI-2014-2180
17 Nov 2014 Mozilla Network Security Services RSA Signature Forgery (CVE-2014-1568) CPAI-2014-1912
17 Nov 2014 Avid Media Composer AvidPhoneticIndexer.exe Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-5003) CPAI-2014-1935
17 Nov 2014 Hastymail2 call_user_func_array() Command Injection (CVE-2011-4542) CPAI-2014-1926
17 Nov 2014 Multiple PHP Servers SyrianShell Backdoor Command Execution CPAI-2014-1992
17 Nov 2014 Operation Huyao Phishing Attempt CPAI-2014-1989
11 Nov 2014 Apple Safari file URL Arbitrary Code Execution (CVE-2011-3230) CPAI-2014-1942
11 Nov 2014 Free MP3 CD Ripper WAV File Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2011-5165) CPAI-2014-1925
11 Nov 2014 HP Data Protector Opcode 1091 Directory Traversal (CVE-2014-5160) CPAI-2014-1888
11 Nov 2014 Nuclear Exploit Kit Landing Page CPAI-2014-1951
11 Nov 2014 Plone and Zope cmd Parameter Remote Command Execution (CVE-2011-3587) CPAI-2014-1947