IPS Protections: Security Gateway R75 and above

Release Date Description Advisory
29 Oct 2014 Digium Asterisk HTTP Connections Denial of Service (CVE-2014-4047) CPAI-2014-1891
29 Oct 2014 Red Hat JBoss RESTEasy PARAMETER ENTITY XXE Information Disclosure (CVE-2014-3490) CPAI-2014-1901
29 Oct 2014 LibVNCServer rfbProcessClientNormalMessage msg.ssc.scale Divide by Zero Denial of Service (CVE-2014-6054) CPAI-2014-1903
29 Oct 2014 OpenSSL DTLS Handshake Memory Exhaustion (CVE-2014-3506) CPAI-2014-1849
29 Oct 2014 OpenSSL DTLS Handshake Double Free (CVE-2014-3505) CPAI-2014-1857
22 Oct 2014 Novell GroupWise Admin Service FileUploadServlet Directory Traversal (CVE-2014-0600) CPAI-2014-1873
22 Oct 2014 GitList URL Remote Code Execution (CVE-2014-4511) CPAI-2014-1883
22 Oct 2014 Oracle Database Server Insecure User Input Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2013-3751) CPAI-2014-1807
22 Oct 2014 Apache Camel XSLT Component Java Code Execution (CVE-2014-0003) CPAI-2014-1155
22 Oct 2014 Apache HTTP Server mod_cache Denial of Service (CVE-2013-4352) CPAI-2014-1819
22 Oct 2014 HP Network Virtualization toServerObject Directory Traversal (CVE-2014-2626) CPAI-2014-1828
22 Oct 2014 AlienVault OSSIM av-centerd Util.pm remote_task Arbitrary Command Execution (CVE-2014-5210) CPAI-2014-1832
22 Oct 2014 Microsoft Internet Explorer onreadystatechange Use After Free CPAI-2014-1834
22 Oct 2014 Windows System Files Information Disclosure CPAI-2014-1848
22 Oct 2014 Trustwave Holdings ModSecurity Chunked Transfer Encoding Policy Bypass (CVE-2013-5705) CPAI-2014-1850
22 Oct 2014 ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer agentUpload Directory Traversal (CVE-2014-6037) CPAI-2014-1852
14 Oct 2014 op5 Monitor license.php Remote Command Execution (CVE-2012-0261) CPAI-2014-1874
14 Oct 2014 OpenSIS ajax.php modname Code Execution (CVE-2013-1349) CPAI-2014-1875
14 Oct 2014 HP Network Virtualization storedNtxFile Directory Traversal (CVE-2014-2625) CPAI-2014-1830
14 Oct 2014 Attachmate Reflection FTP Client ActiveX GetSiteProperties3 Memory Corruption (CVE-2014-0606) CPAI-2014-1833