IPS Protections: Security Gateway R75 and above

Release Date Description Advisory
29 Sep 2015 AjaxPortal di.php File Inclusion Vulnerability (CVE-2009-2262) CPAI-2015-1074
29 Sep 2015 WordPress All-in-One Migration Plugin Export CPAI-2015-1079
29 Sep 2015 Bugzilla Mail Authentication Mechanism Bypass (CVE-2015-4499) CPAI-2015-1111
29 Sep 2015 WordPress Theme Photocrati SQL Injection (CVE-2015-2216) CPAI-2015-1075
29 Sep 2015 Cisco Router SYNful Knock Implant TCP Activator CPAI-2015-1106
29 Sep 2015 reestr Root Directory Creation Mail Phishing Attempts CPAI-2015-1109
29 Sep 2015 Focus SIS staticpath File Inclusion Incoming (CVE-2007-4807) CPAI-2015-1073
29 Sep 2015 Malicious Mail Payload Containing JavaScript Downloader CPAI-2015-1081
29 Sep 2015 NetIQ Security Solutions for ISeries SafeShellExecute Stack Buffer Overflow (CVE-2015-0795) CPAI-2015-1059
29 Sep 2015 TP-LINK WR1043N Multiple Cross-Site Request Forgery (CVE-2013-2645) CPAI-2015-0960
29 Sep 2015 Nmap Scripting Engine Scanner Over HTTP Request CPAI-2015-1072
29 Sep 2015 Adobe Acrobat and Reader Memory Corruption (APSB15-15; CVE-2015-5105) CPAI-2015-1061
29 Sep 2015 PHP Unserialize Function Use After Free CPAI-2015-1100
29 Sep 2015 Adobe Flash Player Use after Free Code Execution (APSB15-19; CVE-2015-5127) CPAI-2015-1110
29 Sep 2015 Revived Wire Media PHP File Manager Username Backdoor CPAI-2015-1097
29 Sep 2015 Adobe Reader and Acrobat Corrupted Stream Denial of Service CPAI-2015-1103
29 Sep 2015 Tropicalm Crowell Resource RESPATH File Inclusion Incoming (CVE-2007-2530) CPAI-2015-1076
29 Sep 2015 Ajax File Browser settings.inc.php File Inclusion Incoming (CVE-2007-4921) CPAI-2015-1080
29 Sep 2015 WordPress Active VisitorTracker Campaign - Function Injection CPAI-2015-1112
8 Sep 2015 Microsoft Internet Explorer Memory Corruption (MS15-094; CVE-2015-2487) CPAI-2015-1066