OPSEC: Open Platform for Security, the most trusted name in security interoperability

Check Point security products combine network, data and endpoint protection into a unified security architecture that simplifies security processes and delivers uncompromised security for thousands of businesses and organizations of all sizes including all Fortune 100 companies.

OPSEC(Open Platform for Security) is an open, multi-vendor security framework with over 350 partners since the inception of the program in 1997. OPSEC guarantees customers the broadest choice of best-of-breed integrated applications and deployment platforms.

Check Point integrates with authentication devices and products and content security products to secure corporate resources and a mobile workforce.


ActivIdentity is a leader in intelligent identity assurance, providing solutions to confidently establish trust in online identities. Over the past 20 years, the most security conscious organizations around the world have trusted ActivIdentity to safeguard their most critical assets and help them meet compliance requirements. For more information, visit www.actividentity.com.
Bit9 + Carbon Black
Bit9 + Carbon Black is the leader in advanced threat protection for endpoints and servers based on real-time visibility and prevention. Paired with Check Point’s next-generation firewall and Threat Emulation solutions, Bit9 + Carbon Black’s advanced threat protection capabilities extend the power of Check Point Threat Emulation to every endpoint and server, minimizes the overall attack surface, and accelerates incident response. For more information, visit www.bit9.com. Read the Check Point and Bit9 Solution Brief to learn more about integrated network and endpoint threat prevention.
Specialized in digital security, BRToken develops and manufactures solutions for strong authentication and transaction signatures over the Internet, fighting electronic fraud and identity theft with secure, simple and intuitive solutions. With patented technologies such as transaction optical reading, BRToken provides solutions that includes physical tokens, mobile solutions, and card-based solutions. BRToken has been tested to be compliant with Check Point products using the RADIUS protocol.
FEITIAN is a leading supplier of strong authentication, digital signature, PKI, data protection, and smart card related products. Since its establishment in 1998 FEITIAN has quickly become one of the world leaders in the industry providing solutions and products with over 10 million new users annually worldwide. For more information, visit www.ftsafe.com.
ipass-logoiPass Inc.
iPass helps enterprises and telecom service providers ensure their employees and subscribers stay well connected. Founded in 1996, iPass delivers the world’s largest commercial-grade Wi-Fi network and trusted connectivity platform. With more than one million Wi-Fi hotspots across 113 countries and territories, iPass gives its customers always-on, frictionless connectivity anywhere in the world – simply, securely and cost-effectively. For more information, visit www.iPass.com.
LightCyber is a provider of advanced breach detection solutions that protect organizations from targeted threats and cyber-attacks. LightCyber Magna™ is the first product to analyze both network traffic and endpoint information to understand the behavior of users, devices and applications and to detect compromised computers and stolen credentials early in the attack lifecycle, allowing users to remediate breaches and stop attacks before the damage is done. For more information, please visit www.lightcyber.com.

The integration of LightCyber Magna with Check Point Security Gateways expands the Magna breach detection solution with remediation capabilities by leveraging the existing Check Point security infrastructure to contain compromised endpoints, mitigating further damage and costly breaches of more critical systems. View the Solution Brief.
OpenDNS is a leading provider of network security and DNS services, enabling the world to connect to the Internet with confidence on any device, anywhere, anytime. The Umbrella cloud-delivered network security service blocks advanced attacks, as well as malware, botnets and phishing threats regardless of port, protocol or application. Its predictive intelligence uses machine learning to automate protection against emergent threats before they can reach customers. OpenDNS protects all devices globally without hardware to install or software to maintain. For more information, please visit www.opendns.com. Read more about the integration in the Solution Brief.
RSA, The Security Division of EMC, is the premier provider of intelligence-driven security solutions. RSA helps the world’s leading organizations solve their most complex and sensitive security challenges: managing organizational risk, safeguarding mobile access and collaboration, preventing online fraud, and defending against advanced threats. RSA delivers agile controls for identity assurance, fraud detection, and data protection; robust Security Analytics and industry-leading GRC capabilities; and expert consulting and advisory services. Check Point is a certified member of the RSA Ready Technology Partner Program and interoperates with RSA SecurID.

Check Point integrates with SecurID Native and RADIUS protocols to secure corporate resources and a mobile workforce.

For more information about the RSA Ready Technology Partner Program, please visit RSA Ready Community.
Together, SafeNet and Cryptocard now offer the most complete solution available for strong authentication and access control, delivered both on premise and from the cloud. The combination of SafeNet’s leadership in data protection with Cryptocard’s innovative authentication-as-a-service portfolio will change the way organizations around the world deploy and manage their authentication strategies and platforms today and into the future, helping them to accelerate deployment with improved flexibility and lower cost to their business.
SecurePush, the top safe identity authentication system is based on in-house patented technology and especially designed for banks, credit card companies, e-commerce, social networks, cloud providers, Internet routers and switches, sensitive web sites and many more… SecurePush provides your customers with the necessary tools to perform any sensitive on-line action, such as financial and commercial transactions or log-in to a social network account, eliminating the possibility of fraud or identity theft, whenever and wherever needed, simply via a user’s smart phone or any other smart device in his possession. For more information, please visit www.securepush.com.
SecurityMatters is an international company that develops and brings to the market cutting-edge network monitoring, intelligence and protection technology to make its customers more secure and in control. SecurityMatters product line approaches the problem of securing computer networks in a totally new and innovative manner called self-configuring, deep-protocol, network whitelisting. This approach is the result of more than 20 years of research and experience in the field of network intrusion detection. For more information, visit www.secmatters.com. Read the Check Point and SecurityMatters Solution Brief to learn how the joint solution secures Critical Infrastructures and Industrial Control Systems.
Tripwire is a leading provider of advanced threat, security and compliance solutions that enable enterprises, service providers and government agencies to confidently detect, prevent and respond to cybersecurity threats. Tripwire solutions are based on high-fidelity asset visibility and deep endpoint intelligence combined with business-context and enable security automation through enterprise integration. Tripwire’s portfolio of enterprise-class security solutions includes configuration and policy management, file integrity monitoring, vulnerability management and log intelligence. Learn more at www.tripwire.com. Read more about the integration in the Solution Brief.
VASCO is a leading supplier of strong authentication and e-signature solutions and services specializing in Internet Security applications and transactions. VASCO has positioned itself as global software company for Internet Security serving a customer base of approximately 10,000 companies in more than 100 countries, including approximately 1,700 international financial institutions. For more information, visit www.vasco.com/.
Viewfinity’s advanced endpoint protection solution focuses on lessening the impact of IT security breaches before, during and after an attack. Viewfinity's core capabilities reduce the attack surface and proactively prevent threats by removing administrative rights and classifying applications. Patterns and behavior indicators of malicious intent are cross-referenced with network security sandboxing to accelerate detection, response and remediation efforts. Real-time monitoring ensures companies can isolate, block and reduce the impact if a breach occurs. Follow-up threat investigations are pinpoint accurate due to ancestry tracking forensics that trace back to the true point of origin of an attack. For more information, visit www.viewfinity.com/ or read the Check Point and Viewfinity Solution Brief.
Through a multi-tenant, globally-deployed infrastructure, Zscaler enforces business policy, mitigates risk, and provides twice the functionality at a fraction of the cost of current solutions. It enables organizations to provide the right access to the right users, from any place and on any device - while empowering the end-user with a rich Internet experience. For more information, visit www.zscaler.com.

Check Point and SIEM, network management, security assessment, compliance testing and auditing products integrate to provide a secure ecosystem.


AlgoSec is a market leader in network security policy management. AlgoSec enables security and operations teams to intelligently automate the policy management of firewalls, routers, VPNs, proxies and related security devices, improving operational efficiency, ensuring compliance and reducing risk. For more information, visit www.algosec.com.
ArcSight, an HP company, is a leading global provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions that protect organizations from enterprise threats and risks. Based on the market-leading SIEM offering, the ArcSight Enterprise Threat and Risk Management (ETRM) platform enables businesses and government agencies to proactively safeguard digital assets, comply with corporate and regulatory policy and control the internal and external risks associated with cybertheft, cyberfraud, cyberwarfare and cyberespionage. For more information, visit www.ArcSight.com.
eIQnetworks is the leading provider of simplified security and compliance solutions, serving customers globally, including government, financial, telecommunications, retail, pharmaceutical and healthcare. The company’s unified situational awareness platform, SecureVue®, delivers an accurate, timely and coherent view of an organization’s threat, compliance and risk posture via a single console. For more information, visit www.eiqnetworks.com.
FireMon provides enterprises and government with security management software that gives them deeper visibility and tighter control over their network security infrastructure. The FireMon solution set - Security Manager, Policy Planner and Risk Analyzer - enables customers to identify network risk, proactively eliminate those vulnerabilities and strengthen security throughout the organization, and reduce the cost of security operations and compliance. For more information, visit www.firemon.com.
Tivoli software from IBM helps organizations efficiently and effectively manage information (IT) resources, tasks and processes in order to meet ever-shifting business requirements and deliver flexible and responsive IT service management, while helping to reduce costs. The Tivoli portfolio spans software for security, compliance, storage, performance, availability, configuration, operations and IT lifecycle management, and is backed by world-class IBM services, support and research. For more information, visit www.tivoli.com.
When deploying top of class network security equipment, organizations need to make sure configurations are done correctly and consistently. By using indeni with Check Point firewalls, network security operations teams can be alerted to misconfigurations before they result in service downtime. For more information, visit www.indeni.com. Read the Check Point and indeni Solution Brief to learn more about the joint solution.
INVEA-TECH is a European vendor of network monitoring and security solutions for network bandwidths from 10 Mbps to100 Gbps. Our flagship product is FlowMon – a solution for network traffic monitoring and security which is based on IP flow monitoring technology (NetFlow/IPFIX/sFlow) and network behavior analysis (NBA – Network Behavior Analysis). For more information, visit www.invea.com. Read the Check Point and INVEA-TECH Solution Brief to learn more about the joint solution.
Lancope, Inc. is a leading provider of network visibility and security intelligence to defend enterprises against today’s top threats. By collecting and analyzing NetFlow, IPFIX and other types of flow data, Lancope’s StealthWatch® System helps organizations quickly detect a wide range of attacks from APTs and DDoS to zero-day malware and insider threats. Through pervasive insight across distributed networks, including mobile, identity and application awareness, Lancope accelerates incident response, improves forensic investigations and reduces enterprise risk. Lancope’s security capabilities are continuously enhanced with threat intelligence from the StealthWatch Labs research team. For more information, visit www.lancope.com.
LogRhythm is the world’s largest and fastest growing independent vendor of Security Intelligence solutions. LogRhythm’s patented and award-winning Security Intelligence Platform unifies SIEM, log management, file integrity monitoring, network forensics and host forensics, empowering organizations around the globe to detect and respond to today’s most advanced breaches and cyber threats with unrivaled speed and accuracy. For more information, visit www.logrhythm.com/.
ManageEngine delivers the real-time IT management tools that empower an IT team to meet an organization’s need for real-time services and support. Worldwide, more than 65,000 established and emerging enterprises rely on ManageEngine products to ensure the optimal performance of their critical IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, applications, desktops and more. For more information, visit www.manageengine.com.
For over a decade, netForensics security solutions have helped enterprises, managed service providers, and government agencies around the world to manage risk, protect critical assets, and maintain compliant operations. netForensics’ nFX SIM One software platform and Cinxi appliance products have been designed to address the unique needs of MSPs by providing flexible, on-demand delivery models that automate threat management and incident response in high volume, multi-tenant environments. For more information, visit www.netforensics.com.
NetIQ is an enterprise software company with relentless focus on customer success. Leveraging its WorkloadIQ approach, NetIQ helps customers cost-effectively tackle complex information protection challenges such as FISMA, FDCC/SCAP, PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX and NERC CIP and securely deliver and manage computing services across physical, virtual and cloud computing environments. For information, visit www.netiq.com.
Oracle engineers hardware and software to work together in the cloud and in your data center. For more information about Oracle, visit www.oracle.com.
RedSeal Networks, Inc.
RedSeal Networks is the leading provider of proactive enterprise security management solutions that enable organizations to continually monitor, assess and fortify their cyber-defenses while automating compliance. The RedSeal platform enables businesses and government agencies to visualize, model and analyze complex network and security control interactions across their entire network of firewalls, routers, load balancers and hosts. For more information, visit www.redsealnetworks.com.
RSA, The Security Division of EMC, is the premier provider of intelligence-driven security solutions. RSA helps the world’s leading organizations solve their most complex and sensitive security challenges: managing organizational risk, safeguarding mobile access and collaboration, preventing online fraud, and defending against advanced threats. RSA delivers agile controls for identity assurance, fraud detection, and data protection; robust Security Analytics and industry-leading GRC capabilities; and expert consulting and advisory services. Check Point is a certified member of the RSA Ready Technology Partner Program and interoperates with RSA Security Analytics.

SIEM, network management, security assessment, compliance testing and auditing products receive Check Point security events via an integration with Check Point APIs to provide a secure ecosystem to customers.

For more information about the RSA Ready Technology Partner Program, please visit RSA Ready Community.
Sensage helps organizations collect, store, analyze and interpret complex information to identify new threats, improve cyber security defenses, and achieve industry and regulatory compliance. Sensage serves its customers’ most advanced Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), log management, Call Detail Record (CDR) retention and retrieval and Continuous Controls Monitoring (CCM) use cases. For more information, visit www.sensage.com.
SolarWinds provides powerful and affordable IT management software to customers worldwide from Fortune 500 enterprises to small businesses. In all of our market areas, our approach is consistent. We focus exclusively on IT Pros and strive to eliminate the complexity that they have been forced to accept from traditional enterprise software vendors. For more information, visit www.solarwinds.com.
Splunk® software collects, indexes and harnesses the machine-generated big data coming from the websites, applications, servers, networks and mobile devices that power business. The Splunk Add-on for Check Point uses the OPSEC API to collect and analyze log data from Check Point security devices, enabling organizations to monitor, search, analyze, visualize and act on massive streams of real-time and historical machine data. For more information, please visit www.splunk.com.
Symantec Corporation (NASDAQ: SYMC) is an information protection expert that helps people, businesses and governments seeking the freedom to unlock the opportunities technology brings -- anytime, anywhere.

Symantec is proud to be partnering with Check Point to integrate next generation firewalls, advanced endpoint security technologies, and security intelligence to help pinpoint critical threats, increase the efficacy of threat investigations and streamline remediation efforts. Symantec’s Managed Security Services minimizes the potential business impact of increasingly sophisticated advanced targeted attacks by reducing the time required to detect, prioritize and respond to security incidents. Our cloud-based incident detection platform aggregates and correlates unfiltered alerts from a diverse set of technologies across the enterprise, and then factors in global threat intelligence to help detect malicious activity. To learn more, visit go.symantec.com/mss.
Trustwave is a leading provider of on-demand and subscription-based information security and payment card industry compliance management solutions to businesses and government entities throughout the world. Trustwave provides a unique approach with comprehensive solutions that include SIEM, WAF, EV SSL certificates and secure digital certificates. For more information, visit www.trustwave.com/siem.
Tufin Technologies
Tufin™ is a leading provider of Security Policy Management solutions that enable organizations to take control their firewalls. More than 1000 companies have deployed the award-winning Tufin Security Suite to proactively manage risk, continuously comply with standards, and keep business-critical applications online. For more information, visit www.tufin.com.

Check Point partners with leaders in computing innovations, software solutions, network optimization and infrastructure virtualization.


A10 Networks
A10 Networks is a leader in application networking, providing a range of high-performance application networking solutions that help organizations ensure that their data center applications and networks remain highly available, accelerated and secure. For more information, visit www.a10networks.com.

With the Check Point and A10 Thunder ADC integrated solution, organizations can effectively prevent the most advanced malicious attacks hidden in the widest range of encrypted traffic at high speeds. Furthermore, advanced load-balancing capabilities allow organizations to easily increase security capacity, enabling more security blades and supporting increased traffic throughput.
Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services is a cloud computing platform offered by Amazon which provides a complete set of infrastructure and application services that enable deployments in the cloud. For more information, visit aws.amazon.com. Check Point Virtual Appliance for Amazon Web Services enables customers to extend security to AWS cloud with a full range of protections. To learn more visit Check Point Virtual Appliance for Amazon Web Services.
Intel is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. For more information, visit www.intel.com.
Microsoft Corporation
Founded in 1975, Microsoft is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. For more information, visit www.microsoft.com.
OpenStack is an open source cloud operating system for building public and private clouds. The OpenStack software is developed by a community of developers and organizations and managed by the OpenStack Foundation, a non-profit organization and alliance of companies with similar interests in scalable cloud infrastructure. For more information visit www.openstack.org. Check Point is one of the members and contributors to the OpenStack community and integrates with OpenStack to protect and secure cloud environments. To learn more visit the Check Point for OpenStack page.
PLUMgrid makes networking as easy as a click. PLUMgrid is reinventing networking with virtual network infrastructure, a software-based, virtual parallel to the traditional physical network infrastructure. The PLUMgrid Platform, featuring the unique IO Visor(TM), brings automation to the cloud data center resulting in dramatic reductions in operating expense. For more information, visit www.plumgrid.com.

Check Point works jointly with PLUMgrid to deliver a complete and fully secure virtual network solution that brings new levels of automation, efficiency and security to cloud environments. Download the Check Point-PLUMgrid Solution Brief.
Riverbed delivers performance for the globally connected enterprise. By giving enterprises the platform they need to understand, optimize and consolidate their IT, Riverbed helps enterprises to build a fast, fluid and dynamic IT architecture that aligns with the business needs of the organization. For more information, visit www.riverbed.com.
VMware is the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that enable businesses to thrive in the Cloud Era. Customers rely on VMware to help them transform the way they build, deliver and consume Information Technology resources in a manner that is evolutionary and based on their specific needs. For more information, visit www.vmware.com.

Check Point Virtual Edition protects dynamic virtualized environments from internal and external threats by securing virtual machines and applicaitons with full range of protections. To learn more visit the Check Point Virtual Edition page.

The Check Point security family protects VoIP applications and components without needing to redesign your network.


The long-trusted partner of service providers, enterprises and governments around the world, Alcatel-Lucent is a leading innovator in the field of networking and communications technology, products and services. The company is home to Bell Labs, one of the world's foremost research centers, responsible for breakthroughs that have shaped the networking and communications industry. For more information, visit www.alcatel-lucent.com.
Avaya is a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions, providing unified communications, contact centers, networking and related services to companies of all sizes around the world. For more information, visit www.avaya.com.
Siemens Enterprise Communications
Siemens Enterprise Communications is a leading global provider of unified communications (UC) solutions and network infrastructure for enterprises of all sizes. Leveraging 160 years of experience, we deliver innovation and quality to the world’s most successful companies, backed by a world-class services portfolio which includes international multi-vendor managed and outsourcing capabilities.

Customers can deploy Check Point software on open servers, Check Point Appliances, Check Point Integrated Appliance Solutions or on dedicated appliances from partners.


Blue Coat
Blue Coat® empowers enterprises to safely and quickly choose the best applications, services, devices, data sources, and content the world has to offer, so they can create, communicate, collaborate, innovate, execute, compete and win in their markets. For additional information, please visit www.bluecoat.com.
Fujitsu Technology Solutions
Fujitsu Technology Solutions is the leading European IT infrastructure provider with a presence in all key markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, plus India, serving large, medium and small sized companies as well as consumers. With its Dynamic Infrastructures approach, the company offers a full portfolio of IT products, solutions and services, ranging from clients to datacenter solutions, Managed Infrastructure and Infrastructure as a Service. For more information, visit www.fujitsu.com/fts/.
HP creates new possibilities for technology to have a meaningful impact on people, businesses, governments and society. The world’s largest technology company, HP brings together a portfolio that spans printing, personal computing, software, services and IT infrastructure to solve customer problems. For more information, visit www.hp.com.
System x servers are intelligent systems designed to reduce costs and complexity. Keep your applications running and your budget in check with an x86 server from System x. For more information, visit www.ibm.com.
Resilience Technology
Customers that select Resilience are part of a global clientele benefiting from a wide range of network security appliances. As a customer you are protected since security is inherent in the design of our network appliances. For more information, visit www.resilience.com.

Check Point integrates with mobile device management vendors and products to secure corporate resources and a mobile workforce.


CommuniTake Technologies
CommuniTake is a front-runner in remote access technology over mobile devices. CommuniTake delivers a leading Mobility platform that unifies comprehensive Enterprise Mobility Management with robust multi-channel support and core Internet of Things services. The CommuniTake solutions suite turns support to be the hallmark of a successful communication service provider; leverages enterprise mobile resources and processes to effectively drive business results within fully secure and managed mobility; and provides visibility and control over connected machines. CommuniTake proven success features superior technology; advanced functionality; flexible delivery methods; and a white label model. CommuniTake products are deployed by foremost operators and businesses worldwide. For more information, please visit www.communitake.com.

By unifying MDM and Check Point VPN gateways, IT departments can ensure that only compliant devices are allowed access to the corporate network.
Ericom Software is a leading global provider of Application Access, Virtualization and RDP Acceleration Solutions. Since 1993, Ericom has been helping users access enterprise mission-critical applications running on a broad range of Microsoft Windows Terminal Servers, Virtual Desktops, legacy hosts and other systems. For more information, please visit www.ericom.com.

Ericom AccessNow and PowerTerm WebConnect with AccessNow for the Check Point Mobile Access Software Blade is an HTML5 RDP solution that is deployed as a multi-tier platform. This allows for easy scalability and troubleshooting of each component within the environment. View the AccessNow Solution Brief and the PowerTerm WebConnect Solution Brief.
Established in 2006, FancyFon provides a portfolio of industry-leading solutions for the mobile device lifecycle management market, empowering businesses to remotely control, manage and secure their diverse mobile infrastructures. FancyFon Mobility Center (FAMOC™) provides asset, application, security and data access management, as well as end-user self-care and remote support for smartphones and tablets, either as a hosted or as an on-site solution. For more information, please visit www.fancyfon.com.

By unifying MDM and Check Point VPN gateways, IT departments can ensure that only compliant devices are allowed access to the corporate network.
Fiberlink, an IBM company
Fiberlink, an IBM company, has over 20 years of experience in delivering enterprise mobility management and security solutions for organizations of all sizes. Thousands of customers rely on MaaS360 to accelerate deployment, reduce risk, increase employee productivity, and simplify mobile device management. For more information, please visit www.maas360.com.

By unifying MDM and Check Point VPN gateways, IT departments can ensure that only compliant devices are allowed access to the corporate network. View the Solution Brief.
A leader in security and management for mobile apps, content, and devices, MobileIron's mission is to enable organizations around the world to embrace mobility as their primary IT platform in order to transform their businesses and increase their competitiveness. Leading global companies rely on MobileIron’s scalable architecture, rapid innovation, and best practices as the foundation for their Mobile First initiatives. For more information, please visit www.mobileiron.com.

By unifying MDM and Check Point VPN gateways, IT departments can ensure that only compliant devices are allowed access to the corporate network. View the Solution Brief.
As market leader in enterprise application software, SAP (NYSE: SAP) helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device – SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively to stay ahead of the competition. SAP applications and services enable more than 258,000 customers to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and grow sustainably. For more information, visit www.sap.com.

By unifying MDM and Check Point VPN gateways, IT departments can ensure that only compliant devices are allowed access to the corporate network.
Skycure revolutionizes the way mobile devices are protected by introducing a solution that addresses emerging mobile security threats without compromising privacy, usability or battery life. Skycure enables organizations to embrace the BYOD (bring your own device) trend, but still provide strong protection and control. Skycure’s solution consists of a mobile app for iOS and Android devices, and a management console built to enable organizations to detect, protect, and remediate security incidents. Skycure’s solution offers flexible deployment options: it can be deployed as a cloud-based solution or on-premises, and can also be integrated with an MDM solution. Skycure’s research team regularly identifies new mobile security threats, and that intelligence is incorporated into Skycure’s solutions. For more information, please visit www.skycure.com.

By checking the mobile devices’ security status with Skycure prior to granting access to sensitive business resources, companies can embrace the BYOD trend seamlessly - both to the end user and to the IT team. View the Solution Brief.
More than 100 million users in 150 countries rely on Sophos as the best protection against complex threats and data loss. Sophos is committed to providing complete security solutions that are simple to deploy, manage, and use that deliver the industry's lowest total cost of ownership. Sophos offers award winning encryption, endpoint security, web, email, mobile and network security backed by SophosLabs - a global network of threat intelligence centers. For more information, please visit www.sophos.com.

By checking the mobile devices’ security status with Sophos prior to granting access to sensitive business resources, companies can embrace the BYOD trend seamlessly - both to the end user and to the IT team. View the Solution Brief.

Check Point has partnered with leading security vendors to provide customers with a wide range of intelligence feeds in the ThreatCloud IntelliStore.


CrowdStrike is a global provider of security technology and services focused on identifying advanced threats and targeted attacks. Using big-data technologies, CrowdStrike’s next-generation threat protection platform leverages real-time Stateful Execution Inspection (SEI) at the endpoint and Machine Learning in the cloud instead of solely focusing on malware signatures, indicators of compromise, exploits, and vulnerabilities. For more information, visit www.crowdstrike.com.
Internet Identity
IID is a privately held Internet security company based in Tacoma, Washington, USA. It primarily provides global intelligence on APTs, malware, exploit drops and DDoS to financial service firms, e-commerce, social networking and Internet Service Provider(ISP) companies. For more information, visit www.internetidentity.com.
iSIGHT Partners provides adversary focused intellience based on advanced Cyber security research with 200+ experts in 16 countries and expertise in 24 languages allowing security organizations to respond faster, defend proactively, and invest smarter. For more information, visit www.isightpartners.com.
NetClean provides intelligence solutions to detect, block and analyse digital media to create a safer society by fighting child sexual abuse material. Its solutions are being used worldwide by multinational companies, government agencies, internet service providers and law enforcement professionals. For more information, visit www.netclean.com.
PhishLabs provides cybercrime protection and intelligence services that fight back against online threats and reduce the risk posed by phishing, malware, distributed denial of service (DDoS) and other cyber attacks. For more information, visit www.phishlabs.com.
SenseCy is focused on delivering effective cyber intelligence to financial institutions, corporate businesses, governments and others. For more information, visit www.sensecy.com.