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Certified Support Provider Value

The Challenge: Download the CSP Brief

Whenever businesses invest in network solutions, they seek partners that can deliver industry-leading products, as well as flexible service and support. In complex technology environments, even the most robust solutions can face challenges. With businesses relying on partners to resolve technical issues as quickly and efficiently as possible, assistance from a world-class technical support provider is essential. Finding the right partner for technical support, however, can be difficult.

The Solution:

Because businesses need trusted technology partners to deliver superior technical support, Check Point has launched the Certified Support Provider Specialization. With this Specialization, Check Point recognizes partners who have a proven track record of delivering support for Check Point products and solutions. CSP's have formal relationships with Check Point enabling them to fully leverage Check Point's technical support resources and resolve customer issues as effectively as possible. This speed and efficiency translate to reduced downtime and increased profitability for customers.

Customer Benefits

Check Point annually evaluates every CSP to ensure they consistently provide the best possible assistance to customers. Annual evaluations are based on a ten step assessment process that includes a review of the partner's technical support metrics and feedback from customer satisfaction surveys administered by Check Point. This review ensures that all partners in the program meet minimum technical support standards set by Check Point.

Any customer who selects a Check Point CSP as their technical support provider will receive:

  • Access to 24x7 Technical Support
  • Problem resolution from a team staffed with Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSEs)
  • Timely responses
  • Technical support facilitated by SecureKnowledge™

Access to 24x7 Technical Support

By selecting a CSP, Check Point customers are assured of receiving technical support from a company committed to delivering world-class service. Every CSP participating in the Check Point Specialization is required to offer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Problem Resolution from CCSEs

CSPs invest heavily in personnel as well as facilities. All CSP's are required to have Check Point Certified Security Expert (CCSEs) on staff. These experts have a background in networking and network security and have passed the exams required to achieve their CCSE designation. This requirement ensures that the partner has the most qualified experts available to address Check Point related technical support issues.

Timely Responses

CSP's maintain standard response times for all technical support offerings. Setting response times defines service delivery parameters and lets customers know when to expect a response to their request.

Support Enhanced by SecureKnowledge™

Partners in the CSP Specialization have access to Check Point's online problem resolution tool, SecureKnowledge. Every solution in the SecureKnowledge database is built from a real world customer issue and undergoes a rigorous review process to evaluate its technical accuracy as well as usability. This process ensures that every solution in the database provides the most succinct and accurate answer possible. Partners in the CSP Specialization use this tool as a first line resource to resolve their customers' issues.

The Certified Service Provider Specialization reflects Check Point's commitment to providing industry leading network security solutions that are backed by world class support. Partners in this Specialization are dedicated to providing superior support on Check Point products, and Check point contributes to this relationship with its own support resources and standards. This Specialization Sensures that customers have access to superior technical support and recognizes partners for the quality support they deliver.

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