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Check Point Introduces Revolutionary Internet Firewall Product Providing Full Internet Connectivity with Security; Wins 'BEST OF SHOW' Award at Networld+Interop '94

Networld+Inetrop Las Vega, NV —

Check Point Software Technolgoies Ltd. today won the 'Best of Show' award at Networld+Interop '94 for its new FireWall-1 security software product. The Check Point FireWall-1 provides each user with full, transparent Internet connectivity while protecting the organization's network from Internet security risks.

Check Point FireWall-1 operates at each Internet gateway controlling all traffic across heterogenous networks, implementing the organization's network-wide security policy. FireWall-1 inspects every packet using a unique, patent pending, Stateful Multi-Layer Inspection technology, which promptly block all unwanted communications attempts. The FireWall-1 system utilizes protocol-independent, application-level, Multi-Layer Inspection technology delivering unmatched connectivity with security.

Using an intuitive, object-oriented graphical user interface (GUI), the system defines, verifies, implements and enforces the organization's security policy. Check Point FireWall-1 provides full and flexible control, detailed logging, and alerting capabilities. Installation and security policy setyp or changes are performed in minutes.

Check Point FireWall-1 is the only Internet security solution to provide transparent access to ALL Internet services, such as FTP, Mosaic, Archie, TCP, as well as UDP based services including RPC, without compromisng security or degrading network performance.

Check Point FireWall-1 runs on any Sun Microsystems SPARC workstation or gateway, operating under SunOS 4.1.3 or Solaris 2.3 operating system using X11R5 OpenLook GUI. SNMP client and agent support are included.

Additional modules support automated access list generation for routers and integration with enterprise-wide network management packages.

Check Point FireWall-1 delivers full transparent Internet connectivity with security to any TCP/IP based client (PCs, Mac, Unixes, etc.)