With targeted, comprehensive protections, our pre-defined Software Blade bundles take the guesswork out of choosing the right security:

Next Generation Firewall extends the power of the firewall beyond stopping unauthorized access by adding IPS and Application Control protections. Next Generation Firewalls come in many sizes with throughput up to 110Gbps and include the patended stateful packet inspection. This Software Blade bundle includes: Firewall, Appication Control, IPS, Identity Awareness and Logging & Status.

Next Generation Threat Prevention prevents advanced threats and malware attacks and enables an organization to easily control access to millions of web sites. Protections include stopping application-specific attacks, botnets, targeted attacks, APTs, and zero-day threats. This Software Blade bundle includes: Antivirus, Anti-bot, Appication Control, IPS, URL Filtering and Identity Awareness.

Next Generation Secure Web Gateway embraces the current paradigm shift from simple URL filtering to comprehensive malware protection with an intuitive solution that enables secure use of Web 2.0 with real time multi-layered protection against web-borne malware, largest application coverage in the industry, advanced granular control, intuitive centralized management, and essential end-user education functionality. This Software Blade bundle includes: Appication Control, Antivirus and URL Filtering with optional IPS and Anti-bot.

Next Generation Data Protection solutions encompass all facets of protecting content from getting into the wrong hands. Data Loss Prevention (DLP) is an integral part of a data protection solution, however to fully protect data, multiple layers must be put into place. We combine these layers into a complete solution protecting against confidential data inadvertently leaving your organization. This Software Blade bundle includes: DLP, IPS, Application Control, Identity Awareness and Logging & Status.