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Essentials for Unified Endpoint Protection

Endpoint threats continue to increase rapidly; unfortunately, so do the number of endpoint security applications and management consoles required to stop them. Managing these multiple, disparate applications and consoles is a difficult challenge to the operational efficiency and budgets of most IT organizations. But not anymore.

Check Point Endpoint Security™ is the first and only single agent for total endpoint security. Based on award-winning technologies, delivers essential defenses that, together, enable administrators to manage endpoint security easily and cost-effectively.

Essential #1: Mitigate Malware
Check Point Endpoint Security limits destructive processes and blocks malware with both heuristic and behavioral-based antivirus and anti-spyware detection, complimented by effective, automated program control mechanisms and real-time security update services.
Highest rated, award-winning firewall
Unique Program Advisor service
High-performance antivirus

Essential #2: Protect Data
Check Point Endpoint Security enables administrators to automatically assess and apply up-to-date security policies for controlling the access of all endpoints, including hard drives and removable media devices, to secure confidential data and ensure privacy.
Full Disk Encryption
Port Management
Removable Media Encryption

Essential #3: Enforce Policy Compliance
Check Point Endpoint Security secures networked endpoints prior to allowing them network access via centralized, comprehensive Network Access Control (NAC) policy. It performs policy checks to ensure compliance and can automatically quarantine and remediate noncompliant endpoints.
Internal and VPN Network Access Control
Secure auto-remediation
On-demand scanning and policy enforcement for unmanaged PCs

Essential #4: Secure Remote Access
Check Point Endpoint Security features a fully unified VPN client that provides secure network access for remote users.
Industry-leading IPSec VPN client
Simple and easy end-user interface
Supports multiple authentication schemes
Flexible connectivity options

Essential #5: Simplify Management and Control
Check Point Endpoint Security provides centralized policy configuration, management, monitoring and reporting across all endpoint security functions, reducing the time and cost associated with managing endpoint security across the enterprise.
Central console for unified security management
Single installer and centralized updates
Convenient predefined policy templates
Automated and scheduled reporting

Essential #6: Streamline End-User Experience
Check Point Endpoint Security centrally and transparently deploys and updates without requiring end user involvement, minimizing help desk calls. Its small client footprint and low memory utilization does not impact end-user function or performance.
Transparent to the end user
End-User flexibility
Simple, intuitive GUI

Download the White Paper for more information.