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Endpoint Security On Demand

Comprehensive Endpoint Protection On-Demand


Integrity Clientless Security mitigates the risks of unmanaged and unsafe PCs connecting to an enterprise’s Web-facing resources. It enforces pre-login security policy compliance, blocks keystroke loggers and network intruders, and hides data from malware with an encrypted virtual environment. Integrity Clientless Security is easy to deploy and requires minimal ongoing administration.

Integrity Clientless Security is supported by SmartDefense Services, which protect against new threats by providing real-time defense updates and configuration advisories.

Key Benefits

  • Secures guest PCs without requiring IT to install client software
  • Stops theft of user IDs, passwords, and other confidential data
  • Protects sensitive customer information
  • Eliminates exposure of proprietary data left on public PCs
  • Protects against new threats through SmartDefense Services