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Study Proves Superior SSL VPN
Tolly Group confirms Connectra offers better value
and superior security

The Tolly Group conducted a series of tunnel and web attack tests and found that Connectra NGX yields the greatest TCO and exceptional security compared to F5 Networks' FirePass, Cisco Systems' VPN 3000 Series Concentrator and Juniper Networks' Secure Access. Unlike the basic SSL VPN connectivity offered by competitors, Connectra provides SSL VPN remote access, endpoint security and integrated intrusion protection in a single, unified security solution.

The results of the Tolly Group Report proved Connectra superiority in the following areas:

  • Dramatic Security TCO - Integrated security features such as intrusion prevention, Web application, and endpoint security functionality, reduce cost and complexity of securing SSL VPN solutions.
  • In-Depth Security Protection - Connectra is the industry's only SSL VPN solution offering comprehensive, integrated security inspection on the gateway.

  • Unified Management Architecture - Connectra, as well as other Check Point gateways, can be managed from the same management console, simplifying deployment and decreasing administration costs, while other vendors require separate management solutions.
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