Proven for years in complex networking and high-performance environments, Check Point IP Appliances offer turnkey and modular security functionality. With integrated firewall, VPN, IPS, Application Control, Identity Awareness and more, IP Appliances deliver unmatched extensibility, broad deployment options and lower total cost of ownership.

Check Point IP Appliances are End-of-Sale. To learn more about replacement appliances, visit the Support Lifecycle Page or contact your Check Point Partner Alliance Regional Sales Desk for more information.


All-in-one security and high-performance in a single appliance
  • Extensible, on-demand security via modular Software Blade Architecture
  • Delivers enterprise-class performance
  • Offers multiple connectivity options
Provides high performance and protection across all traffic types
  • Includes Firewall, IPsec VPN, IPS, Application Control and Identity Awareness Software Blades—right out-of-the-box
  • Includes Acceleration & Clustering and Advanced Networking Software Blades
  • Supports various acceleration technologies (ADP, CoreXL and SecureXL)
Low mean time to service and high reliability
  • Offers carrier-grade serviceability and redundancy
  • IP Clustering provides active-active load sharing
  • Modular appliance design for easy field maintenance


Check Point Accelerated Data (ADP) modules are hardware options that can be inserted into IP Appliances to improve traffic performance and extend appliance utilization. With ADP, CPU workloads can be shared between the main processor and the ADP module processor to increase performance without having to completely replace existing hardware.

Advanced routing and networking supports a broad range of traffic types, including PIM, RIP, OSFP, and BGP, and enables remote troubleshooting, capacity planning, and configuration management.

Check Point Network Voyager offers web-based configuration, monitoring and management, allowing network administrators to manage IP Appliances remotely through a feature rich GUI. From the Network Voyager interface, administrators can easily manage hardware, OS and application deployment, networking, routing, troubleshoot systems or optimize a configuration, manage high availability, set role-based administration and monitor network traffic and IP appliance health.

Network Voyager is offered with IPSO only.

Check Point IP Appliances support a large portfolio of interface options including copper and fiber Ethernet with a range of port density and performance options of up to 10 Gbps. They also come with storage options: HDD, flash or hybrid.

Optionally available IP appliance clustering enables maintenance updates through workload redistribution. Administrators can perform transparent “rolling upgrades,” in which nodes are gracefully removed from the cluster, upgraded, and reinserted, all without any disruption to end-user operations.Other features include:

  • Hot swappable hard drives, fans, and power supplies available in some models
  • Easy access design (slide out trays, slide in cards)
  • Retrofit ADP modules to extend the appliance’s performance
  • DC power supplies available in some models

The Check Point Software Blade architecture is the first and only security architecture that delivers complete, flexible and manageable security to companies of any size. With unprecedented flexibility and expandability, Software Blades deliver lower cost of ownership and cost-efficient protection that meet any need, today and in the future.

Full integration into the modular Software Blade Architecture allows for rapid and easy activation on any Check Point security gateway.
All IP appliances include Firewall, IPSec VPN, IPS, Application Control, Identity Awareness, Acceleration & Clustering and Advanced Networking Software Blades.

The IP Appliance comes with a pre-configured set of Software Blades. It can be quickly and easily extended to meet new and evolving security requirements with additional Check Point Software Blades such as the Web Security Software Blade.

End of Sale Information

End of Sale for the IP Series Appliances: December 31, 2013

Effective December 31, 2013, Check Point IP Series Appliances and Accessories are no longer sold, as notified on June 3, 2013. Support for the IP Appliances will continue for the next 5 years (until December 2018), as per the Check Point Appliance Support Timeline.

Check Point IP Appliances customers are encouraged to migrate to Check Point 2012 Security Appliances. Built on the Check Point Software Blades Security Architecture, the 2012 Appliances offer more robust and scalable security capabilities, as well as many additional benefits including:

  • x3 Performance boost compared to predecessor IP Series appliances
  • More security with full Software Blades support on all appliances
  • Next Generation Secure Operating System – GAiA (released April 2012) combines the best features from IPSO and SecurePlatform into a single unified OS providing greater efficiency and robust performance
  • Extendible and serviceable hardware supporting variety of network interface options and advanced Lights-Out-Management
  • Advanced acceleration technologies with the Security Acceleration Module offering sub 5 micro-second Firewall latency and unmatched performance of 110 Gbps Firewall Throughput

Contact your Check Point local sales team or your Check Point Partner now
to find out how to trade your existing IP appliance with 100% credit
(and up to 25% discouint) towards a new Check Point appliance!


Affected IP Series Appliance Products

Affected Product Recommended Successor Product
IP 280 4400 Appliance
IP 290 4600 Appliance
IP 390 4800 Appliance
IP 560 12200 Appliance
IP 690 12400 Appliance
IP 1280 12600 Appliance
IP 2450 21400 Appliance
  For a full list of IP Appliance and Accessory SKU’s included in end of sale, click here.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What appliances are included in this End of Sale announcement?

A: Affected IP appliances are: IP 2450, IP 1280, IP 690, IP 560, IP 390, IP 290, and IP 280.

Q: Will I be able to order a new IP Appliance after 31-December 2013?

A: Yes. Orders of new IP Appliances beyond the End of Sale date will be handled by Check Point Partner Alliance Regional Sales Desk ( and will be addressed per stock availability.

Q: Will I be able to order a new accessory for an existing IP Appliance after 31-December 2013?

A: Orders of new IP accessories beyond the End of Sale date will be handled by Check Point Partner Alliance Regional Sales Desk ( and will be addressed per stock availability.

Q: I have an existing IP Appliance. Is it still supported?

A: Yes. IP Appliances will continue to be supported until December 2018 per the Check Point Appliance Lifecycle Policy.

Q: Can I extend support beyond that date?

A: Yes. Extending support for IP Appliances beyond December 2018 is possible and will be handled on a case-by-case basis. For more information, please contact your Check Point local team or your Check Point partner.

Q: Will this announcement affect RMA policy for IP Appliances?

A: No. RMA for IP appliances (and their accessories) will continue to end of support date in accordance to RMA Policy.

Q: I have additional questions regarding this. Who should I contact?

For more details, please contact your Partner Alliance Regional Sales Desk or email