Check Point Safe@Office UTM appliances deliver proven, cost effective and best-in-class security-right out of the box! These simple, all-in-one appliances allow small businesses to deploy comprehensive security quickly and easily. Safe@Office appliances integrate firewall, IPS, anti-malware, URL Filtering and more.

Effective December 31, 2014, Check Point will no longer sell Safe@Office Appliances. To learn more about replacement appliances, visit the Support Lifecycle Page or contact your Check Point Partner Alliance Regional Sales Desk.


Comprehensive, enterprise-class UTM network security for SMBs
  • Integrates firewall, IPS,VPN, URL filtering, anti-malware, messaging security
  • High availability, load balancing, Gb firewall performance, multi-Gb port density
  • Cost-effective, all-in-one security appliance
Simplified management and plug-and-play installation
  • Wizard-based interface allows fast and easy deployment without the need for IT
  • Advanced connectivity support; 802.11n WiFi, 3G, ADSL Annex A or B
  • Built-in automatic software updates, monitoring and reporting
Extensible and on-demand security
  • Protect against emerging threats with automatic software updates
  • Extensible to include Web, VoIP, Advanced Networking, Acceleration & Clustering



Safe@Office UTM appliances offer the industry’s most proven Unified Threat Management (UTM) small business network security solution to protect SMBs.

Best-in-class Integrated Firewall and IPS

UTM-1 Edge appliances include the industry’s most proven firewall technology, based on the same Check Point technologies that secure the Fortune 100. Comprehensive Network Access Control (NAC) allows blocking of unwanted applications such as IM and P2P, while an advanced Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) ensures protection of remote sites from both known and unknown threats, such as denial-of-service, port scans and buffer overflows.

Secure Connectivity

IPSec VPN connectivity secures communications between site-to-site and remote locations. Support for multiple VPN clients—such as Check Point Endpoint Connect, SecureClient™, SecuRemote® and L2TP—offers flexibility for users.

Anti-malware and Messaging Security

Malware protection is integrated at the gateway, blocking worms and viruses before they enter the network. On-the-fly decompression of unlimited file sizes enables thorough scanning. Check Point messaging security blocks spam and provides comprehensive protection for an organization’s messaging infrastructure.

IP reputation anti-spam Checks the sender’s reputation against a dynamic database of known-bad IP addresses, blocking spam and malware at the connection level.
Content-based anti-spam Blocks known spam by comparing a ’fingerprint’ of each incoming email with a dynamic database containing millions of known spam signatures.
Block/allow list anti-spam Blocks email offenders while allowing trusted senders. Can block or allow entire domains.
Mail antivirus Blocks worms and viruses at the gateway. Supports standard email protocols (POP3, IMAP, and SMTP), including Web-based email.
IPS email server protection Protects against a broad range of threats, including denial-of-service attacks that target the messaging infrastructure itself.

Web Filtering

Best-of-breed URL filtering services allow companies to define Web access policies. Access can be blocked to inappropriate Web content and potentially malicious Web sites containing spyware and viruses.

Continuous Updates

Optional subscription-based services provide continuous software and antivirus updates, including URL filtering services, periodic security reports, and anti-spam and dynamic DNS services.

Safe@Office UTM appliances are available with integrated, high-speed ADSL modems, eliminating the need for external ADSL modems and providing administrators with simple deployment options. The latest standards, including ADSL v2/2+, Annex A and Annex B are supported.

High-performance Networking

Safe@Office appliances are full-fledged network routers that include a LAN switch, DMZ, WAN port (Ethernet or ADSL) with support for High Availability (HA), Quality of Service (QOS) and Network Monitoring

Safe@Office appliances are complete network routers that include a LAN switch, a dedicated DMZ and a WAN port (Ethernet or ADSL). Static and dynamic routing options are available for complete interoperability.

Safe@Office 1000N Series appliances come equipped with superior networking and security capabilities, including state-of-the-art hardware acceleration and six 1Gbps Ethernet ports. Administrators can easily enable guest access to networks by creating Web-based, secure hot spots. User authentication and/or terms-of-use can be required before granting access to corporate resources.

High Availability

High-availability options ensure that security functions keep pace with business-critical applications and other network activity. Safe@Office UTM appliances support WAN redundancy and load-balancing to ensure persistent connectivity and service availability. Should the broadband connection become unavailable, dial-up support can provide a backup Internet connection.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Quality of Service with comprehensive traffic management parameters – such as weighted priorities, bandwidth guarantees and bandwidth limits – can guarantee QoS for business-critical or latency-sensitive traffic over a single Internet connection. Wireless multimedia QoS allows companies to prioritize traffic from multiple audio, video and voice applications.

Administrators can also easily enable guest access to networks by creating Web-based secure hot spots. User authentication and/or terms-of-use can be required before granting access to corporate resources.

Network monitoring is available by logging information on attempted attacks and displaying it in a color-coded report which includes the IP addresses from which the attacks originated. A “Who Is” utility allows administrators to identify an IP address owner, providing Internet “caller ID” capability. Built-in traffic monitoring and packet capture tools enable monitoring and control of inbound/outbound traffic for efficient bandwidth utilization.

Safe@Office 1000N Series appliances integrate a WiFi access-point (802.11b/g/n) supporting multiple security protocols, including 802.1x, IPSec over WLAN, RADIUS, WEP, WPA and WPA2 authentication. They also have dedicated WLAN interfaces from which you can set specific security rules for WLAN segments. In addition, the wireless interface can be segmented into as many as four virtual access points, each with separate security policies and encryption methods.

Safe@Office 500W Series appliances integrate a WLAN access point that supports the Super-G and Extended Range (XR) standard, enhancing the range and network speeds of the wireless access point. Additionally, wireless networks can be segmented into multiple virtual access points, each with different security policies and encryption settings. Remote users are authenticated using a variety of authentication standards including WPA2.

By using the Wireless Distribution System (WDS) capability, the network can be extended by interconnecting two or more Safe@Office wireless appliances. This allows wireless clients (e.g. laptops, PDAs) to connect seamlessly to the wireless network without the need to change IP addresses.

Wireless Distribution System diagram