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Pre-Hardened Operating System for Security

With limited IT personnel and budget, organizations must often choose between the simplicity of pre-installed security appliances or the flexibility of open servers.

Check Point SecurePlatform combines the simplicity and built-in security of an appliance with the flexibility of an open server by enabling you to turn an Intel- or AMD-based open server into a pre-hardened security appliance in less than 5 minutes.

SecurePlatform Pro builds on SecurePlatform by adding dynamic routing support for both unicast and multicast protocols as well as centralized administrator management through RADIUS. By integrating dynamic routing support, SecurePlatform Pro makes it easier for administrators to deploy security in a complex environment and secure complex multicast protocols.


  • Enhances security infrastructure reliability
  • Increases security for popular multicast application traffic
  • Simplifies deployment of enterprise-class security on open servers
  • Reduces need for routers at branch offices


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