The Check Point Security Acceleration Module is purposely-built with unique hardware acceleration technologies to increase security performance in a high performance network environment. Based-on our advanced SecurityCore technology, the acceleration module enables up to 110 Gbps firewall throughput with sub-5µs latency, making it an ideal candidate for securing latency-sensitive networks and applications.


Ideal for latency-sensitive applications such as financial trading and VoIP
  • Sub 5 micro-second firewall latency
  • Enabling Security in intensive high performance environments such as Financial Trading floors
  • Offering maximum security with minimal latency overhead
Hardware acceleration for Software Blades with new SecurityCore™ technology
  • Purpose-built hardware acceleration technology for security processing
  • Over 100 dedicated security cores for ultra-fast security performance
  • Accelerate traffic on all interfaces with a single Security Acceleration Module
Boost your performance on the 21000 Appliances
  • Up to 110 Gbps of firewall throughput
  • Up to 50 Gbps of VPN throughput
  • 3X session rate, up to 300,000 connections per second
  • 9X forwarding rate, up to 60 million packets per second
  • Overall system power to 4,300 SecurityPower™ Units


Ideal for real-time transaction environments such as financial trading, VoIP communications, and high-performance data centers, the acceleration module enables sub-5µs latency for firewall performance. Securing latency-sensitive environments no longer has to be a trade-off decision between security and performance.

The Security Acceleration Module improves performance and extends security in high-performance network environments.

The Security Acceleration Module features Check Point’s innovative, purpose-built SecurityCore™ technology that uses parallel and security processing power to accelerate security performance. With 108 security cores, security processing of network traffic can be offloaded from the general purpose appliance CPU to the Security Acceleration Module. Leveraging SecurityCore technology, the Security Acceleration Module enables customers to scale and run many security functions in highly demanding and low-latency network environments with improved overall system performance.

With the improved performance brought on by the acceleration module, businesses can confidently implement the desired security measures for their high-performance, latency-sensitive network environments. Customers of the Check Point 21000 Appliances with the Security Acceleration Module will enjoy up to 110 Gbps of firewall throughput with sub 5µs latency, 50 Gbps of VPN throughput and 4,300 SecurityPower™ Units (SPUs) of security processing power. Customers also benefit from a 3X session rate boost to a maximum of 300,000 connections per second.

Big performance does not mean big iron. The Security Acceleration Module is delivered in the Check Point 21000 Appliances which delivers industry-leading system performance in a compact, space-saving 2U rack-mount chassis. This not only reduces the initial CapEx investment, it also helps to cut down the ongoing support cost and its total cost of ownership (TCO). The Check Point 21000 Appliances with the acceleration module is a smart investment to protect some of your most valuable business advantages – information and speed.