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Security Management

Today's organizations have a complex security management challenge on their hands. They need to orchestrate a broad range of security processes and technologies to secure their organizations in the face of increasing pressure to demonstrate compliance with a host of new regulations. More important, organizations must mitigate risk and maximize security in a way that ensures business continuity, maintains budgets, and achieves operational efficiencies across the board.

Check Point security management solutions are designed as an interoperable system based on a core unified security architecture which enables the central control of security policy across multiple layers of the infrastructure. This enables organizations to achieve maximum security effectiveness through the efficient day-to-day monitoring and updating of security policy and defenses. A central console provides administrators with total visibility across their security infrastructure, providing evidence of proper security controls and highlighting potential weaknesses in their defense system.

This highly scalable, multi-domain security management software addresses the unique requirements of service providers and enterprise network operations centers. Check Point Provider-1 consolidates and centralizes the management of security policies for thousands of customers, and segments complex security policies into manageable sub-policies for geographic, functional, or other groupings.

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