Next Generation SmartEvent

The Next Generation SmartEvent Software Blade delivers real-time cyber threat visibility in the era of Big Data.  Quickly search and analyze billions of data logs to identify critical security events.   Gain greater network visibility with Next Generation SmartEvent on Smart-1 Appliances, and more easily manage big data security, to make faster, more informed security decisions.  


Effective and focused threat analysis with customizable visibility

  • Easily understand security status and trends with a clear timeline overview
  • Quickly investigate security incidents using one-click detailed views
  • Create rich, personalized reports for security professionals, network engineers, and executives
  • Correlate multiple logs to identify suspicious activities from the clutter

Detect cyber threats from big data in seconds

  • Analyze billions of logs per day with the new SmartEvent
  • Search over a hundred million logs in just seconds
  • Facilitate forensic investigation and regulatory compliance with easy access to terabytes of historical logs

One single view for all security threats and network components*

  • One-stop security monitoring for Firewall, IPS, Anti-Virus, Anti-Bot, Threat Emulation, URL Filtering and Application Control
  • Track network activity and device usage for gateways, endpoint and mobile devices
  • Gain “everywhere monitoring” with a new web and tablet portal*

With more than 50 Check Point gateways deployed around the world, the Check Point management solution gives us a single view of our universe through a central console. This enables us to manage our entire infrastructure with two local administrators and keep labor costs extremely low.

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Customizable Visibility

Every organization requires different information regarding security posture, events, and network usage. Next Generation SmartEvent allows users to create customized views and reports to tailor a view to reflect and display only the information that is relevant to your organization; whether you need to understand severity of attacks, common attacks, or attack origin or destination.  Further optimize the visual display of the data by adding widgets and customizing the chart types to make security data easy to understand at a glance.

Personalized Reporting

Next Generation SmartEvent provides flexibility to be able to produce customized and tailored reports for specific stakeholders within your organization.  A C-level executive may need an overview of high risk events in the last month, but the department head may need to know where employees are going online. Next Generation SmartEvent enables you to easily create reports customized to display only the information relevant to the stakeholder, providing them easy access to the information they need to make informed security decisions.

Quickly Investigate Security Incidents

Next Generation SmartEvent enables one click exploration of security incidents.  In a single click, move from a high-level overview to specific details needed for forensic analysis, including type of attack, timeline, application type and source.  Next Generation SmartEvent provides the tools to rapidly conduct forensic investigations and delivers complete visibility into potential threats.
Next Generation SmartEvent also provides a free text search to facilitate searching through billions of logs in just seconds. Recent searches, suggestions and favorites help make your search even faster.

Correlate Logs to Identify Suspicious Activity

With Next Generation SmartEvent, monitor all activity and events and correlate multiple logs to identify suspicious activity from the clutter.  Rapid data analysis, and the ability to create customized event logs, immediately alerts administrators to discrepancies and inconsistencies such as someone attempting to use the same credential in multiple geographies simultaneously.

Unprecedented Speed and Scale

Next Generation SmartEvent delivers the ability to handle exponentially more logs per day, delivering faster, unprecedented performance to organizations of any size.  From small and medium businesses to large enterprises and data centers, Next Generation SmartEvent enables organizations to perform big data cyber threat detection in seconds. Generate a weekly report of activity in less than ten seconds with Next Generation SmartEvent.

Search much larger databases, over 100 million logs, in less than one second.  Easily access billions of historical logs to aid in forensic analysis and compliance. Next Generation SmartEvent provides the scale and speed to handle your most complex security environments.

"Everywhere Monitoring"

SmartEvent ensures you can stay on top of your network, no matter where you go.  The SmartEvent web portal provides access to SmartEvent from anywhere, at any time, using mobile phones and tablet devices.*


*Available in the next major release

Easily Deployed on Smart-1 Appliances

The SmartEvent Software Blade is fully integrated into the Software Blade architecture.  It can be easily and rapidly deployed on Smart-1 appliances, saving time and reducing costs by allowing customers to quickly expand security protections to meet changing requirements.

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Protocol/Application Support500 plus protocol types
VoIP ProtectionSIP, H.323, MGCP and SIP with NAT support
Network Address TranslationStatic/hide NAT support with manual or automatic rules
DHCP GatewaysSecurity gateways can have dynamic IP addresses
VLANUp to 256 VLANs per interface
Link Aggregation802.3ad passive and 802.3ad active
Bridge Mode / Transparent ModeInspect traffic without interfering with the original IP routing
Extensive Set of Policy ObjectsIndividual node, networks, groups, dynamic objects
IP VersionsIPv4 and IPv6
Fail-Safe ProtectionsDefault filter provides protection during boot time and prior to initial policy
Secure Internet Communications (SIC)Certificate-based secure communications channel among all Check Point distributed components belonging to a single management domain
Multiple Authentication MethodsUser authentication, client authentication, session authentication
Local UsersLocal database user store included
RADIUS and RADIUS GroupsMultiple servers and MS-CHAPv2, MS-PAP methods
LDAP and LDAP GroupsMicrosoft Active Directory, Novell Directory Server, Red Hat Directory Server, OPSEC certified LDAP server
RSA SecurIDSupported
X.509 CertificatesSupported using the included Certificate Authority or third party CAs
Customizable Authentication MessagesSupported