Virtual Appliance for Amazon Web Services

Check Point Virtual Appliance for Amazon Web Services enables customers to extend their security to the cloud with the full range of protections using Check Point Software Blades. This easy to deploy virtual appliance – a security gateway for virtual environments in the Amazon Cloud – prevents network attacks and data breaches while enabling secure connectivity in dynamic cloud computing environments.    


Deploy Check Point Software Blades for security in the Amazon Cloud

  • Access control and network segmentation with Check Point Firewall
  • IPS, Antivirus and Anti-Bot Software Blades for threat prevention in the cloud
  • VPN and Mobile Access Software Blades for secure connectivity and mobility
  • DLP Software Blade to protect data in the cloud and stop data breaches

Quickly enable advanced security for enterprise assets in the Amazon Cloud

  • Enable a Check Point Virtual Appliance with one click in Amazon Cloud
  • Choose the right software blades for your security needs

Easily manage hybrid environments of cloud and on-premise security

  • Manage your security in the Cloud using industry leading security management
  • Create one security policy for cloud and on-premise assets from one console
  • Simplify compliance and audits with unified logs and reporting

From a network operations standpoint, we are spending less than 2 percent of our expenses to run and manage all of our cloud infrastructure, as well as our internal network and user support. With cloud computing, secured by Check Point solutions, we can leverage world class infrastructure that we would never be able to build on our own as a startup.

Jason Warner

Ph.D., Director of Bioinformatics

Courtagen Life Sciences



Full protection with Check Point Software Blades

Using the Check Point Virtual Appliance, a security gateway for the Amazon Cloud, get the full range of protections with the Check Point Software Blade architecture. The FirewallIPSAntivirusApplication Control and Anti-Bot Software Blades protect services in the public cloud from unauthorized access and attacks. The Application Control Software Blade helps prevent application layer denial of service attacks and protects your cloud services. The IPsec VPN Software Blade allow secure communication into cloud resources. The Mobile Access Software Blade allows mobile users to connect to the cloud with an SSL encrypted connection with two factor authentication and device pairing. The DLP Software Blade prevents data breaches with unique User Check technology to allow real-time user remediation.


Quick deployment in 2 simple steps

Through Amazon Web Services, simply click on the Check Point virtual appliance to begin enabling relevant software blade protections in the cloud for securing your cloud assets.



Unified Management for cloud and on-premise infrastructure

Manage the virtual appliance in the the Amazon Cloud using your existing on-premise Check Point Unified Security Management Solutions. Enforce a consistent security policy for corporate assets in both the Amazon Cloud and on-premise infrastructure from a single console.


Get visibility and enforcement across your cloud and on-premise infrastructure using the Smart Event Software Blade. Simplify compliance and audits with unified logs and reporting.



AWS CloudFormation template for easy Virtual Appliance setup

The Check Point Virtual Appliance can be quickly deployed and provisioned using the AWS CloudFormation template.

Simply go to the AWS CloudFormation web console, provide this URL template and you are ready to go.


Supported ReleasesR75, R75.40, R77.10
Supported Operating SystemsSPLAT (R75), GAiA (R75.40)
Supported Cloud PlatformAmazon VPC
Supported RegionsAll Regions including GovCloud