Check Points R77 Release

Check Point’s leading cyber-security platform now includes threat emulation and HyperSpect performance enhancing technology.

  • New ThreatCloud Emulation Service blocks unknown targeted attacks and APTs
  • New HyperSpect technology boosts real world performance by up to 50%
  • First NGFW-integrated and fully automated compliance monitoring tool now available

Plus over 50 additional product enhancements

ThreatCloud Emulation Services

ThreatCloud Emulation Services

Block Unknown Targeted Attacks and APTs

The new ThreatCloud Emulation Service blocks unknown targeted attacks and APTs and enables users to:

  • Protect organizations against zero-day attacks by instantly blocking malware in email attachments and files downloaded from the web
  • New cloud-based service model works with your existing infrastructure
  • Reduce operational overhead with a monthly package based upon incoming file volume for your whole organization
  • A unique agent for Exchange server monitors email attachments, even without Check Point infrastructure at the organization*
  • For organizations with restrictions on using public cloud services, Threat Emulation is available using a Private Cloud Emulation Appliance

Resource: ThreatCloud Emulation Service 

* Q4 2013


HyperSpect Technology

HyperSpect Technology

New HyperSpect Technology Boosts Real World Performance By Up To 50%

In R77, Check Point delivers a real world Next Generation Firewall performance boost of up to 50% on existing appliances.  
HyperSpect maximizes performance by:
  • Optimizing inspection tailored to specific content, such as media and http
  • Maximizing hardware utilization with hyper threading technologies that effectively double available cores on high end platforms
  • Consolidating security with more Software Blades on the same gateway with sustained performance through a simple software upgrade

 Resources: IPS Software BladeApplication Control Software BladeURL Filtering Software Blade,Appliances

Compliance Software Blade

Compliance Software Blade

First NGFW-Integrated and Fully Automated Compliance Monitoring Tool

The Check Point Compliance Software Blade provides the first integrated and fully automated continuous compliance monitoring solution.  With the Compliance Software Blade, network administrators can easily identify potential security breaches and vulnerabilities and receive practical guidelines on how to remediate security weaknesses and improve security.  

The Compliance Software Blade provides:

  • Over 300 security best practices to reduce the time and complexity to achieve and maintain compliance
  • Continuous assessment of compliance and security posture across Check Point Software Blades
  • Actionable recommendations to improve security and compliance
  • Instant notification of policy changes that may impact security and compliance
  • Compliance reporting for most common security regulations

Resource: Compliance Software Blade


Additional R77 Features

Additional R77 Features

Over 50 Additional Product Enhancements

R77 includes a number of additional product enhancements that enable users to:

  • Reduce operational costs of managing complex environments with new provisioning capabilities in SmartDashboard
  • Make licensing transparent with automatic license retrieval from the UserCenter
  • Optimize software distribution with new GAiA Intelligent Software Update, decreasing downtime by up to 90%
  • Improve user identity accuracy with Identity Awareness RADIUS and IF-MAP integration

  Resources:  GAiAIdentity Awareness Software Blade