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Check Point Outperforms Traditional Vendors in Head-to-Head Testing

Check Point's Next Generation Secure Web Gateway has been named the best web security solution by the independent testing firm Miercom. Securing Web 2.0 requires an integrated approach to protect organizations. Companies must be able to accurately categorize URLs, and easily block inappropriate content and stop high-risk applications from running.

Check Point Secure Web Gateway scored highest in testing -- Miercom Lab Testing Summary Report

Download the Miercom Web Security Industry Assessment to learn how Check Point Next Generation Secure Web Gateway outperforms traditional vendors and delivers the most intuitive and accurate solution to address today's web security challenges by providing

  • Highest effectiveness in URL categorization - 91.3%
  • Application blocking rate of 97.1% for 3,000 unique protocol/application combinations
  • Best URL filtering accuracy with 97.1% blocking rate of adult sites and 93.4% of gambling categories
  • Highest degree of application control functionality and granularity


Video: How to best protect against today's web-borne malware

Video: How to best protect against today's web-borne malware

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