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Want to boost the performance of your security management?

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Over time security rule bases become over-loaded and sluggish. Let us help you improve the performance of your existing security gateways, simplify your security management and increase your ROI with a SmartOptimize Report.

Each SmartOptimize Report highlights your potential security risks and instructs how to optimize your: system health, security rule base, SecureXL, object data base, stealth and clean-up rules and anti-spoofing on your gateways.

 Now you can get a sneak-preview of your Security Optimization potential!

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Optimizing your security is as easy as 1-2-3!

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Each customer can receive one free preview report.

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More Information

"Accurate and thorough. I've never imagined I could gain so much from a report."
- A worldwide chip company

"Highly recommended. The report reveals malfunctions in the database I never thought I've had."
- A worldwide US energy company

"My security is much tighter and the relevant CMA has accelerated a lot thanks to the recommendations in the report. I've just bought few more reports for the other CMAs."
- A national European Electric Company

"It turned out we had a massive amount of objects, which were revealed to be duplicated or unused. Deleting them will decrease our objects in 90%. This is a lot!"
- An Asian Energy Company

"SmartOptimize is a marvalous service and it does optimize and improve our system. In one CMA we had 2,050 rules. After the implementing the offers in the report, they decreased to 609 rules only. This affected performance immidately, and now the time to push policy has decreased from 96 second to 18 seconds. Do you know how much time we save?"
- Australian Telco company