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Certification: CCSA NGX

Check Point Certified Security Administrator NGX
Length: 2 days* (recommended)

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Prerequisite: Knowledge of TCP/IP and routing fundamentals

With over 24,000 CCSA certified professionals worldwide, CCSA NGX certification is one of the most highly recognized and respected vendor-specific security certifications available.

The foundation of Check Point certifications, CCSA NGX certification validates a Security Administrator's ability to maintain day-to-day operation of Check Point security solutions and ensure secure access to information across the network. Proficiencies include creating and installing security policies, using logging and reporting features, and managing anti-spoofing, Network Address Translation (NAT), and OPSEC applications.

More information on specific topics, skills, and competencies covered by CCSA NGX certification is available in the course and exam details.

Exam: Exam #156-215.1
Course: Check Point Security Administration NGX I Rev 1.1
Products: VPN-1, SmartCenter, SmartConsole, SmartDefense
Competencies: Backup and restore, monitoring tools, object creation, rulebase construction, VPNs, NAT, VOIP, Authentication (including LDAP), User management

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*Course length and price may vary by ATC. Please contact your local ATC for detailed information.