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CCSA R71 Update Training Blade

CCSA Update
What it means to you


Security Administrator R71 Update
Accelerated training teaches how to deploy the latest Check Point Software blade technology

3-day self-study course for experienced Check Point professionals teaches how to implement, configure and manage Check Point Software Blades. 

  Learn how to
  • Secure communications across the internet
  • Defend against network threats
  • Configure  security policies
  • Protect email and messaging content
  • CCSA NG or higher

  How You Will Benefit

  • Perform seamless product upgrades
  • Back-up and restore networks
  • Monitor suspicious network activities
  • Troubleshoot network connections
  • Analyze attacks
  • Achieve high performance and high security

Books are availalable for just $249!

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CCSA R71 Update Certification Exam
Prove you can deploy and manage Check Point Software Blades

What you need to know

  • Check Point Technology Overview and Software Blade Architecture
  • Deployment Platforms & Security Policies
  • Messaging and Content Security
  • Upgrade to R70/R71
  • Core XL
  • Issues in Firewall Administration
  • How to protect email and messaging content


  • CCSA NG or higher certification
  • CCSA R70 or R70/R71 Upgrade Training suggested
  • 6 months to 1 year of experience with Check Point products
  • Check Point User Center account

How You Will Benefit

  • CCSA’s rank higher than other security vendor professionals
  • Validation you have the skills to manage today’s latest network security advancements
  • Certified Professionals community, newsletter and special web access
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