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Multi-Domain Security with VSX



Master the skills to deploy a virtualized security gateway.

2-day course covers everything you need to design, install, configure and manage a virtualized security gateway based on Check Point VSX.

Learn how to

  • Design and install a VSX network
  • Install and configure Provider-1 to manage your VSX network
  • Consolidate hundreds of security gateways onto a single hardware platform
  • Centralize the security management of your virtual and physical environments


  • Advanced networking knowledge
  • Windows Server and/or UNIX skills
  • Internet and TCP/IP experience
  • CCSE and CCMSE or equivalent experience

How You Will Benefit

  • Configure security policies for virtual systems
  • Easily add and extend your virtual system
  • Plan network configurations for optimal load balancing
  • Use VSX R67 to separate network traffic
  • Plan a virtual network for a large data center
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Prove you can deploy an a virtualized security gateway.

What you need to know

  • Install and configure VSX Gateways 
  • Install and configure Provider-1/MDSM R71 to manage your VSX installation
  • Configure security policies for Virtual Systems 
  • Configure VSX R67 to work with a VLAN-capable switch
  • Configure VSX R67 to separate network traffic 
  • Design a network using VSX with Virtual Systems in bridge mode
  • Add new VSX R67 Gateways to meet load balancing requirements


  • CCSE R70
  • 6 months to 1 year of experience with Check Point products
  • Check Point User Center account

How You Will Benefit

  • Check Point Certified Professionals rank higher than other security vendor professionals
  • Validation you have the skills to manage VSX security deployments
  • Certified Professionals community, newsletter and special web access


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