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GAiA and SecurePlatform Hardware Compatibility List

Recommended Hardware

The following data shows open servers and devices that are tested on a regular basis for compatibility by Check Point and are recommended for use with GAiA and SecurePlatform:

Note: SecurePlatform is also supported and recommended for use on a wide range of "Secured by Check Point" appliances.

√ = certified
* = certified with remarks
— = not certified

Last Updated: October 20, 2015

Vendor:   Certification Date:   Check Point Products:

  Vendor: Certification Date: Check Point Products:

  1. VMtools are supported only on OVF versions R77.10 and above. Starting R77.30 OVF VMtools are supported on all forms.
  2. For minimum hardware requirements, refer to theĀ release notesĀ for the version, which include the requirements for the applicable product.
  3. Starting from R77, Security Gateway is supported with the open server ISO as well.
  4. vSEC requires NSX version 6.1.x and ESX 5.5 or later.