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New Appliance Support Programs Customer FAQ

General Overview

What's new in Check Point support?
Check Point's updated support program provides a single point of contact and extended capabilities. Our comprehensive and flexible appliance support plans include enhanced service level agreements (SLA) for our partners and customers. Check Point is extending its onsite support programs and adding new support plans for onsite appliance support. The latest changes also include improved product life cycle support and new hardware warranty policies.
How do these changes benefit customers?
Starting June 1st, all Integrated IP appliances will benefit from the special Check Point appliance rates which provide customers with attractive costs savings. Customers will also benefit from the integrated onsite support organization and the new appliance onsite programs from Check Point. The new warranty policy will enable customers with support agreements to get warranty on hardware without any additional costs.
Where can I find more information?
Additional information about Check Point Support Programs is available from your Channel/Account Manager or you can click here for Check Point's Security Appliances Support Programs.

Program Changes Overview

What are the new support services offered by Check Point?
Check Point's appliance support programs provide technical support, software updates and upgrades and replacement of faulty hardware. Check Point is now offering Standard/Co-Standard next business day onsite support as well as Premium/Co Premium 4 hour's onsite support.
What are the new program benefits?
The main benefits with the new programs includes having one unified Service Level Agreement (SLA) for all appliances and a single point of contact for all issues – whether hardware or software related. In addition, Check Point is introducing reduced support rates on IP appliances and improved SLAs - so customers can get better service for less money.
Which appliance series are applicable for this program?
The program is available for Check Point IP appliances in addition to Power-1, UTM-1, Smart-1, IAS, and VSX-1. Legacy IP Series hardware support programs will be available only as part of renewals of existing IP series hardware.

The following appliance products are included in the new support programs:
Appliance Range UTM-1/ Power-1 VSX-1 Smart-1 IP Connectra
High End Power-1 5075
Power-1 9075
Power-1 11065
Power-1 11075
Power-1 11085
VSX-1 3070
VSX-1 9070
VSX-1 9090
Smart-1 50
Smart-1 150
IP 1285
IP 2455
Connectra 9072
Mid Range UTM-1 276
UTM-1 576
UTM-1 1073/1076
UTM-1 2073/2076
UTM-1 3073/3076
  Smart-1 5
Smart-1 25
IP 295
IP 395
IP 565
IP 695
Connectra 3070
Connectra 270
Low End UTM-1 136        

CES/EBS pricing for appliance product not included in the new support program is calculated according to their account rate.
UTM-1 Edge RMA is shipped Next Business Day for all SLAs.
What will happen to the onsite SKUs offered for the UTM-1 and POWER-1 appliances?
Former SKUs for 4 hour onsite support coverage will no longer be available. They will be replaced with Premium/Co-Premium Onsite SKUs.
What will happen to existing 4-hour, onsite service purchased less then 1 year ago?
Onsite support service purchased before the new programs became available will be continued until the end of the contract (1 year from the purchase date). The service will be renewed using the new Premium Onsite rates which are generaly lower and provide better value.
What will happen to the Premium Express support program offered by Check Point?
Premium Express will no longer be offered as a separate appliance service program. Check Point has upgraded the Premium SLA to Premium Express – providing Next Flight Out / Express delivery in US mainland and West Europe. In those locations, an authorized RMA delivery will be expedited using a special courier service which will collect the RMA (replacement) unit from the hub (once RMA defined by Check Point TAC) and ship it on the next available flight to its destination. As an example, RMA authorization before noon in NYC or other main US and European metropolitan areas will typically result in same day delivery in the evening or night. In other locations, the RMA unit will usually arrive the next Business Day before 9AM.
What will happen to Sapphire support program?
The Sapphire program will be merged with the Diamond III plan starting January 1st 2010. Check Point will continue to support its existing Sapphire customers and allow renewals in 2009 for up to 1 year. Purchase Orders will be accepted until the end of September 2009. For pricing information, please contact your local sales representative.
What support plan will be offered for Integrated Appliances?
Support for Integrated appliances will be will be supported in line with the rest of Check Point appliances– including technician onsite service.
For Customers with existing IP Hardware installed base, what will the renewal support rate?
Check Point will honor existing support commitments and existing Access / Essential support plans. The prices of the former Nokia plans be the same or lower and can be found here. Quotes can be generated using the Check Point User Center quotation tool starting July 1st.

Hardware Warranty

What is the hardware warranty for Check Point appliances?
The hardware warranty is for a period of one (1) year from the date of appliance activation. If the customer delays the appliance activation, the warranty will be valid for a maximum of fifteen (15) months from the date Check Point shipped the appliance.
What does the warranty cover?
The Check Point warrants that the hardware components of the hardware products shall be free from warranty covers, for a period of one year, material defects in hardware design, materials, and workmanship and will function, when appliances are used under normal use and circumstances and, materially in accordance with the accompanying documentation provided with such Hardware Products for a period of one year.
Can the warranty be extended?
Although the initial one-year hardware warranty cannot be extended, after the warranty expires Check Point will provide RMA (hardware replacement) services to all appliances covered by an active support contract.

Support Life Cycle

What are the appliance support life cycle guidelines?
Check Point Appliance Life Cycle policy is defined here.

A complete list of supported software versions and supported hardware appears on the Check Point Web site and is updated periodically. Customers are advised to take advantage of the detailed lists when planning their architecture development.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

What's included in the new Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
The complete and detailed information of the SLA.
How is the onsite support provided?
The onsite hardware replacement service is provided by a Check Point certified onsite support partner, either by ACE partners or by certified 3rd parties, such as Unisys or Maintech.

A certified engineer will arrive onsite, either within 4 hours or on the Next Business Day, with the replacement unit. The engineer will perform the basic installation procedures and will restore the system backup, if available.
In which locations can I get onsite support?
Onsite support is available in over 250 locations worldwide. If your location is not near one of our existing sites, please contact onsite@checkpoint.com and we will look for the solution that suits you best.
How should I update my the site location that I listed when I purchased the on-site service agreement?
Simply open Service Request via Check Point User Center.
How will the new program improve the RMA process?
Check Point maintains a global inventory of replacement parts in order to meet our different service level agreements. In addition to the major stocking hubs in the U.S., APAC, Europe, and Israel, we have spare units strategically located in over 250 parts depots throughout the world serving both our regular RMA SLAs as well as our advanced On-Site services.
How will Check Point meet the SLA in countries with customs delays?
Check Point has opened special hubs in Brazil ,Mexico, China and India in order to expedite delivery to its Premium customers. Customers in other locations should allow for additional transit time due to international customs clearance.
Will the new programs be available on the online quoting tool in Check Point User Center?
Yes. The online quoting tool in Check Point User Center is updated with the new support programs. The quote will contain a table for software products with an account rate and table for the appliance and the relevant reduced support rate.
Is the Return and Repair service for faulty legacy IP Appliances still available?
No. At the end of the 1st year warranty, Check Point will provide advanced RMA services to all appliances covered with active support contract.


How will the support be calculated for my new appliance accessories?
All appliance accessories will be associated with an appliance; therefore, their support rate would be in accordance with the appliance support rate (account rate or reduced support rate).

In the case of an accessory not attached to an appliance, it will receive the regular account rate.


What will be the pricing for the new programs and new SKUs?
For program pricing and additional information please click here.

Enterprise Diamond and Diamond PLUS

What is Enterprise Diamond Support?
Diamond & Diamond PLUS support is Check Point's highest support SLA. It is an annual subscription service that provides an designated expert support engineer who provides personalized, direct service to your support team and is committed to delivering comprehensive support to meet your critical needs quickly and efficiently.
What are the benefits of Enterprise Diamond Support?
  • Designated Enterprise Support technical engineer for all your support needs
  • Coordination of all Check Point resources, including R&D for fast problem resolution and implementation of best practices.
  • Weekly calls to manage all on-going issues and quarterly service reviews
  • "Expert" level access to SecureKnowledge
  • HF to HFA with high-priority to all Diamond related HFs
  • Accelerated hardware replacement policies
  • 4-10 days of onsite support; 2-6 half-day phone consultation sessions

    Note: The exact amount is per account size; you can click here for more information

  • Annual "Meet the Experts" meeting in Check Point Headquarters
What are the additional benefits of Enterprise Diamond PLUS Support?
  • A designated, regionally-based focal point for all technical aspects of your security deployment
  • Up to 20 additional onsite days and 70 additional off-site days that can be used to augment your security staff, eliminate problems before they occur and improve the overall satisfaction from your security & networking deployment

    Note: The exact amount is per account size, click here for more information
What can I use the Diamond PLUS onsite and off-site days for?
We will work with you to tailor the service to your needs. Some examples:
  • On-going account management
  • Project planning and management
  • Network administration and operation assistance
  • Verification of changes to your deployment before implementation to reduce risk
  • Tuning of your deployment to enhance performance and avoid problems
  • Proactive support to notify you of potential maintenance actions you should to avoid problems
What can I use the Diamond onsite days for?
We recommend scheduling at least one visit a year for your designated engineer to come onsite and review your team, deployment, and procedures.

You can also use the onsite days for planning and executing complex maintenance operations, to review your deployment for maximum efficiency and resilience, or to receive specialized training.
Why should I choose Enterprise Diamond and Diamond PLUS Support
Enterprise Diamond and Diamond PLUS customers enjoy a more personalized and direct relationship with Check Point that ensures consistent, quality support from an expert they trust.

The Diamond customers receive the highest priority in resource allocation and R&D attention, and their needs are constantly reviewed by Check Point senior management.

In complex, mission-critical networks, even a small problem can have a large impact on business continuity. Enterprise Diamond and Diamond PLUS support customers have a direct method to reach a technical expert who knows their environment and can resolve their issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.
How does Enterprise Diamond Support work?
Your designated Check Point Technical Support Engineer is your primary point of contact for all your support needs. You should contact him/her directly when you have a problem or question.

The engineer will log your call in SecureTrak and begin working to resolve your issue, using their knowledge of your environment to quickly identify the problem and solutions.

If for some reason they're not able to provide a solution, they'll consult with R&D engineers who will treat it with high priority until your issue is resolved.

Once a week you will have a conference call with your designated engineer to centralize all open issues and verify efficiency. Once a quarter you will have a service report to summarize all activities.
How does Enterprise Diamond PLUS program work?
As a Diamond PLUS customer you get two focal points: a designated Diamond engineer and a regional technical account manager. Both designated engineers have in-depth understanding of your deployment, work processes and issues.

For support, you will contact your Diamond designated engineer. For all other technical issues, work with the regional technical account manager to proactively resolve.

As part of the on-going work with your regional technical account manager, you will define the best way to utilize your onsite and off-site days based on your requirements.

Both focal points are part of the weekly conference call and will work together behind the scenes to optimize your deployment.
Is the designated Check Point Technical Support Engineer focused only on my account?
No, the designated Check Point Technical Support Engineer may be responsible for several Enterprise Diamond Support customers. This enables them to have a broader range of experience and knowledge while maintaining the expertise of your unique environment and needs.
What happens if my designated Check Point Technical Support Engineer isn't available?
As part of the communication chart you will get the mobile phone number of your designated engineers and the Diamond Manager.

If your designated engineer is not available because of a scheduled off-time, he will provide you with the details of a backup Diamond engineer who will take care of your needs in his absence.

You can also call the regular support number (24x7), introduce yourself as a Diamond customer and ask to talk to an available Diamond engineer.
Can I get additional phone consultation or onsite assistance?
Yes, we offer additional phone consultation and onsite assistance to meet your needs.

See price list for additional days. The Diamond PLUS program offers additional services and days that you can use to maximize the technical assistance you receive from Check Point.
What does "Meet the Experts" include?
Check Point's "Meet the Experts" is an annual customer event where our product managers, engineers, and executives meet with your attendees to discuss products, features, implementations, and more. It's a great opportunity to get direct information and attention from Check Point, discuss what's important to you and give your feedback to the teams who make the products.
What is SecureKnowledge? What do I get with Expert access?
SecureKnowledge is our online, self-service knowledgebase designed to quickly and easily answer all of your technical installation, configuration and upgrade needs on Check Point products. Expert access gives you the highest level of access possible, including detailed solutions, guides, and in-depth diagnostic and troubleshooting tools normally reserved for Check Point internal use which can help you reduce your time and cost for troubleshooting.
How is Enterprise Diamond Support priced?
Enterprise Diamond Support is priced in tiers based on the customer's account value.

For details please see the price list.
How do I get a quote?
You can get a quote for any Check Point Support program through your User Center account or through your preferred Check Point partner. Log in to the User Center and select "Support Programs" to generate a quote and request a Certified Partner to contact you with details and purchasing information.
Are there any requirements for Enterprise Diamond Support?
Enterprise Diamond Support is available for any customer with Direct Enterprise Premium Support who wants to create a personalized support partnership directly with Check Point.
Can I get Enterprise Diamond Support if I don't have direct support from Check Point?
Enterprise Diamond Support is a direct support relationship with Check Point, so if you currently get support through a Check Point Partner you should work with them to find out if they offer the services you need. If they do not offer comparable services, then we can work with you to match their current support with Direct Enterprise Premium Support and then add Enterprise Diamond Support.

If you still prefer to get support through a Check Point partner, you can enhance the technical assistance you get by signing up to the TAM program. Click here for more information.
Where can I find more information like datasheets, Service Level Agreements, etc?
You can visit our site online or contact your local Check Point partner for a personalized quote.

Advanced Technical Account Management

What is being announced?
Advanced Technical Account Management is a new annual subscription service that provides a designated regionally-based Technical Account Manager who will deliver a flexible suite of services to end-users. The Advanced Technical Account Management Service includes up to five (5) days of dedicated support at the customer's site and up to forty (40) days of dedicated support delivered remotely from a Check Point location. The specific deliverables during this time may include any combination of the following activities:
  • Enhanced proactive account management
  • Operations assistance and review
  • Design review
  • Test lab topology setup and testing assistance
  • Support Planning
  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting assistance
Who can buy this service?
This service is available to Premium/Co-Premium, Standard/Co-standard or Co-MSP customers throughout the world.
How does this service relate to the Diamond program?
Diamond, which is available to Check Point Premium customers, provides a TAC based senior engineer to handles the customer's Service Requests end to end. The Diamond engineer replicates configurations to solve SRs, works with R&D on complicated issues and oversees the daily support activities.

A Technical Account Manager, who is available to all Check Point supported customers, augments the Diamond service by also providing locally focused site development such as planning, upgrades, performance tuning, and project management. The combination of Diamond and TAM (called 'Diamond PLUS') provides total support coverage – both reactive and proactive.
Who are the Technical Account Managers?
The Technical Account Managers are experts from Check Point's own team of professional network security consultants who bring a unique combination of business experience and technical expertise to every engagement. Being part of Check Point, those security experts have unparalleled security knowledge and best practices. All of our consultants have multiple technical certifications, with an average of over 10 years experience in network security.

This global team of consultants is based throughout the world in order to be closer to our customers.
Are all expenses included in the service?
Travel and related expenses associated with onsite days are included in the service, with a minimum of three days onsite per visit. Additional travel and related expenses associated with this service are billable.
Are additional onsite days available?
Yes, additional onsite days are available in increments of 10 days, including up to 3 onsite visits.
Where can I find more information on ordering, SKU's, and pricing?
Please visit the Check Point Professional Services price list.