You need local experts who understand your specific needs and can provide onsite support, if needed. And your experts need the backing of Check Point’s worldwide support teams and in-depth resources – 24 hours a day. Plus, you want direct access to our large, online, self-service knowledgebase to quickly and easily answer your questions and reduce support times and costs.

Check Point Collaborative Enterprise Support combines first-line support from your local Certified Collaborative Support Provider (CCSP) with full back-end support from Check Point. Follow the below link to compare the Collaborative Enterprise Support levels, and corresponding service level commitments.

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  • First-line support on all your Check Point products from your local CCSP
  • Global, “follow the sun” backline support from Check Point
  • Advanced or Expert Access to SecureKnowledge, our online, self-service knowledgebase
  • Prioritized routing for severe issues that demand immediate attention
  • Clear visibility of issues in SecureTrak, our online request and reporting system
  • Access to the latest software Hot Fixes, and/or upgrades and major releases
  • Regular customer satisfaction reviews and quality assessments
  • Committed Service Level Agreements (SLAs) from Check Point
  • Partner RMA determination for Co-Premium / Co-Elite support


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*Available in EMEA, APAC, Latin America and other select geographies