Check Point’s Enterprise Support Lifecycle policy outlines the product support guidelines for a product’s lifecycle. The objective of this policy is to standardize and normalize product lifecycle practices, thereby enabling Check Point customers to make more informed purchase, support and upgrade decisions. All Check Point products (except third-party products sold by Check Point) are covered by this policy. Customers who are operating Check Point products under a valid Support & Maintenance Agreement are entitled to the benefits associated with this policy. The tables below summarize recent End-of-Sale and End-of-Support dates and will be updated from time to time.

Latest end-of-sale announcements

Product End of Sale End of Support Recommended Successor Product Notification
TE 2000 Sep 2015 Sep 2018 Sep 2020 Sep 2015
HP IAS D1 Dec 2015 Aug 2020 4400 Aug 2015
HP IAS D2 Dec 2015 Aug 2020 12200 Aug 2015
HP IAS D6 Dec 2015 Aug 2020 12400 Aug 2015
HP IAS D8 Dec 2015 Aug 2020 13500 Aug 2015
TE250 Jun 2015 Jun 2020 TE250X Jun 2015
TE1000 Jun 2015 Jun 2020 TE1000X Jun 2015
Dynamic Token Jun 2015 Jun 2019 N/A Jun 2015
SSM60 Sep 2015 Dec 2017 SSM160 Jun 2015

Recent End-of-Support Milestones

Product End of Sale End of Support Recommended Successor Product
Sensor 50 N/A August 2015 IPS-1 2070
Sensor 200 N/A August 2015 IPS-1 4070
Sensor 500 N/A August 2015 IPS-1 5070
Software Products
Check Point R75.20 N/A August 2015 R77.30

Software Support Lifecycle Policy Guidelines

Check Point is committed to providing support for all software products for a minimum of four (4) years, starting from the general availability date of the product’s major version. ‘General availability date’ is defined as the date on which a product is officially made available for purchase. In addition, Check Point aims to support a minimum of two major versions of all software products. Check Point usually ends support for a major product version only when:
  • The second subsequent major product version has been released, or
  • At least four (4) years have elapsed since the release of the major version in question
Check Point provides a comprehensive support lifecycle for its appliances, including:
  • Software/Operating System support
    • The latest version of the software that was installed on the appliance is fully supported until 1 year after Successor Product Availability Date Announcement.
    • Maintenance releases/bug fixes are supplied until 3 years after Successor Product Availability Date Announcement. These fixes may require a software upgrade by the customer
    • Software upgrades will be supplied until 5 years after Successor Product Availability Date Announcement to handle support issues. New software releases may require the purchase of hardware upgrades by the customer.
  • Technical Assistance
    • Full TAC support from the Check Point Technical Assistance centers is supplied until 5 years after Successor Product Availability Date Announcement
  • Hardware
    • Units and parts can be replaced via Check Point’s RMA process. Check Point will provide same or similar parts or full unit replacement when needed.

Appliance Support Lifecycle Guidelines

Check Point Appliance Support Lifecycle Diagram