CloudGuard Spectral Developer First Security

CloudGuard Spectral is a developer-centric code security platform that seamlessly monitors, classifies, and protects codes, assets, and infrastructure; simply.


Supercharge Your CI/CD

Supercharge Your

Automate secret protection across CI/CD. Scan API keys, tokens, credentials and security misconfiguration in real time.

Eliminate Public Blindspots

Eliminate Public

Continuously detect and monitor public blindspots, supply chain gaps, and code assets across multiple data sources.

Apply % Enforce Your Policies

Apply & Enforce Your Policies

Integrate your own playbooks, design your own detectors, and apply policies throughout your SDLC.

Best Security from Code
to Cloud

CloudGuard Spectral’s automated tools integrate with developers’ tools to detect code vulnerabilities and to identify secrets and misconfigurations in the code before deployment, preventing unauthorized use to nefarious ends.

With CloudGuard Spectral, organizations can prevent exposing API keys, tokens and credentials, as well remediating security misconfigurations. With a super-fast platform, CloudGuard Spectral ensures security without compromising on productivity.


Best Security from Code to Cloud

Demo: Watch CloudGuard Spectral In Action

Find out how simple it is to get started and let us walk you through some of our top features.


Apply Source Code Security At The Speed Of Development

smart detection

Smart Detection

Detect secret credentials based on smart filtering and Machine Learning

Real-Time Commit Verification

Real-Time Commit Verification

Intercept secrets before they are committed to an insecure code repository

smart detection

Sanitize Historical Records

Scan historical data to ensure hidden secrets do not go by undetected

Clear Results

Clear Results

Limit false positives using user feedback and machine learning algorithms

Post-incident Analysis

Post-incident Analysis

Process and analyze your management data. Demonstrate transparency and compliance when reacting to leaked secrets

It takes 3 Minutes To Get Started

1. Install the scanner

minute one

2. Scan your CI

minute two

3. Secure your code

minute three

Powerful End to End Code Scanning

CloudGuard Spectral is coding language agnostic and supports 500+ different stacks

From Code To Production

Scan code, configuration, binaries, or any other data in your source code. Detect risks and exposed secrets hidden from plain sight.


Detection & Remediation

Detect and resolve issues in your code and other assets in their exact location and in real time.


Protect Your Developers

Map developer activity, access details and secret management and enforce best practices with extensive capabilities, using our proprietary AI/ML engines.


Scan At the Speed of DevOps

CloudGuard Spectral scans a typical codebase in seconds. Formally designing CDNs, we understand low-level file systems, CPU and software optimization and we put this knowledge to good use.


Cover Your Public Assets

CloudGuard Spectral scans public Github, Gitlab, Dockerhub, and 30+ other cloud services to help you uncover shadow resources and security blindspots.


Keep Your Code Your Own

Your code and data is safe with us. We will never copy, send or store any of it. We don’t even connect with your Github.


Cloud Security
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From Udemy courses to videos, check out the latest cloud security educational resources.


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CloudGuard is powered by ThreatCloud

ThreatCloud, the brain behind all of Check Point’s products, combines the latest AI technologies with big data threat intelligence to prevent the most advanced attacks, while reducing false positives.


White Paper: Protecting Secrets Throughout the SDLC with CloudGuard Spectral

For developers, secret and credential leakage is a problem as old as public-facing repositories. In a rush to deliver, developers will often hard-code credentials in code or neglect to review code for exposed secrets. The results can be embarrassing, at best – but devastatingly costly in other cases. This whitepaper reviews the dangers of secret leakage, the challenges in protecting secrets in the SDLC, and strategies for secret leakage mitigation.

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