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Deploy new applications at the speed of development, without jeopardizing your security posture. Check Point offers automated full lifecycle security for your modern day applications.




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Application Developer

Evaluate your code in build stage and use RESTful APIs to filter malicious content


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DevSecOps CI/CD

Auto-deploy security into the DevOps pipeline with unified cross-platform code scanning


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IT Security

Security controls offering unified visibility and operational efficiency across both on-prem and cloud deployments

The Challenge

DevOps and continuous delivery models result in faster time-to-market. However, development, QA, and operations teams face challenges when it comes to incorporating security into the product life-cycle. They are afraid of slowing things down, necessitating integrated DevSecOps best practices. Security approaches that worked in the past do not work with modern DevOps models. These outdated processes involve manual review processes of security risks at the end of product development and QA. This approach causes significant delays and does not scale with modern day applications.

Devops CI/CD pipeline

Shift Left: Check Point Security Solution for DevOps

Check Point enables DevSecOps, allowing you to incorporate security and compliance into how you build, deploy, and run applications, without sacrificing agility. With the added power of Check Point automated DevSecOps tools, teams can not only test but enforce security policies and prevent threats. Here are four ways in which DevSecOps teams can automate security and harden their applications with Check Point:

Devops CI/CD pipeline

Check Point solutions incorporate security and compliance protection early into the development lifecycle. With security checks integrated continuously into the deployment pipeline, rather than at the end, DevSecOps are able to find and fix security vulnerabilities early, accelerating an organization’s time-to-market.

DevSecOps Benefits

Container Image Scanning

Scan container images during CI/CD and search for vulnerabilities with continuous security scans. If a vulnerability is found, the information is sent to the CLI tool along with the recommended remediation steps. If other issues are found, CloudGuard will stop the pipeline build with outlined remediation steps before they get to the production environment.


devsec container image scanning diagram

devsec container image scanning diagram

Code Scanning

CloudGuard provides continuous code scanning, searching for security issues and non-compliance in the CI/CD pipeline. If an issue is found, the pipeline is stopped and CloudGuard will provide remediation next steps to align with security policies.


IAC Scanning

Enforce both customizable and regulatory security policies automatically. During the deployment stages, CloudGuard integrates with IAC templates to ensure mandatory and customizable rulesets are applied during deployment. CloudGuard will run preconfigured ruleset scans to ensure compliance and that security policy requirements are met. For noncompliance issues, CloudGuard will supply a remediation steps prior to production.


devsec iac scanning diagram

devsec credential exposure diagram

Credential Exposure

CloudGuard checks for exposed credentials and sensitive content inside the code repositories and containers prior to production. If hardcoded credentials or vulnerabilities are found, CloudGuard will stop the development pipeline and provide the necessary remediation steps.


Integrated Security

By integrating CloudGuard security into the CI/CD pipeline, container images and functions are automatically scanned for vulnerabilities, malware, weak security practices, and exposed credentials before they become major issues. CloudGuard will provide remediation steps in the event that an issue is found so DevSec teams can act quickly and not slow down the development cycle.


devsec integrated security diagram

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