Effective Risk Management

Reduce Complexity Eliminate Risk

Focus on the risks most critical to your business, with CloudGuard’s Effective Remediation Management engine. Optimize security resources & eliminate risks with prioritized remediation driven by your business needs.


CloudgGuard ERM - Reduce Complexity

Full Context

Gain full context of cloud security based on configurations, posture, network exposure, and more

CloudgGuard ERM - Automate Remediation Prioritization

Prioritized Risks

Focus on the threats that matter across clouds, workloads and code

CloudGuard ERM - Eliminate Risks

Faster Remediation

Deliver optimized remediation guidance based on the fastest path to risk reduction

Apply Context to Prioritize Your Cloud Security Risks

With CloudGuard, take action quickly by focusing on the 1% of risks that are the most critical to your business, while automating security throughout your cloud environment, CloudGuard’s ERM engine prioritizes risks and provides actionable remediation guidance based on the full context of the workload posture, network exposure, identity permissions, attack path analysis and the application business value—helping you to act fast and reduce the attack surface.

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Cloud Security Just Got Smarter

CloudGuard provides a complete view across the entire cloud environment in order to gain a deep understanding of threats most risky to your business.

CloudGuard’s Effective Risk Management engine leverages the security tools within the CNAPP, as well as business inputs and AI, to provide an attack path analysis and calculate a risk score for each alert.

This allows security teams to effectively manage the risks most threatening to the business, while reducing the noise from alerts which may be significantly less risky.

Cloud Native Application Protection Platform

From code to cloud, Check Point CloudGuard’s CNAPP unifies cloud security with deeper security insights to prioritize risks and prevent critical attacks — providing more context, smarter security, faster.

Cloudguard Management


How CNAPP Reduces Risk in the Cloud

Unifying your security tools is only the first step in securing the cloud, as well as all its assets and applications.

In this guide, learn about important features that CNAPP solutions should include to eliminate security complexity and risk. Find out how to deploy a prevention-first CNAPP strategy to automatically shrink the attack surface and create greater efficiencies for your teams—from code to cloud.


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