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Check Point
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See How Check Point
Stacks Up Against Fortinet

Feature Check Point
Next-Gen Firewall
Next-Gen Firewall
Built-to-Prevent Real-Time Prevention
Check Point prevents Patient-0.
Malwares are blocked before getting in the network
Fortinet generates an alert post infection, few minutes later.
Infection is inevitable
Application Awareness Superior Visibility
Wider visibility of high-risk applications & Shadow-IT.
Over 8,600 applications
Limited Visibility
Significantly lower comparing ~4,460 applications
Preemptive Protection Deliver Risk-Free Documents
User gets sanitized version of documents for safe work environment. Minimum impact on business continuity
Active only in less common “proxy mode” with higher significant performance impact.
can’t store original files without additional on-premise appliance
Sense of Urgency Fastest Response for

Average 6 days to fix
Late to Fix
Average 118 days to fix
Vulnerable Products
See Comparison Here
Build Security from the Start
2018-2020: 24 vulnerabilities
13x more vulnerabilities
2018-2020: 312 vulnerabilities
A Clear View of Threats MITRE ATT&CK Framework to
Prevent Cyber Attacks

See the attacker tactics
Severely limited view
Scalable & Efficient Management
Read the Agony Meter
Lowest Agony and Man Labor
For Day-to-Day Tasks

7 menus and lowest time to configure security
seamless concurrent administrators
5x More EffortNeeded
35 Menus and significantly more time for the same tasks
Limited collaboration for administrators
True Hyper-Scale Solution
Connection Aware Platform
Single, Unified platform
Grows as performance requirement grows 3X in scale – Up to 52 members, different models
Limited In Scale
Require Additional Load Balancer
2X MGMT Consoles
Lacks Single view of overall platform
Up to 16 members, constraint to same model

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of organizations are using outdated cyber security tools

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of security professionals anticipate a significant breach in the near future

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of breaches will likely occur as a result of customer misconfigurations, or other human errors

The 10 Most Critical Considerations in
Choosing Your Cyber Security

Real-Time Prevention

Your prevention platform should include cutting-edge technologies, like behavioral detection and machine learning algorithms, that can identify and block exploits on networks, cloud, and endpoints, before they execute and infiltrate your network. The ability to prevent patient-zero, so to speak, is critical.

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Unified Management Configuration

When you invest in a single security management console, you not only reduce complexity and improve security, you also improve workflow. Multiple consoles means toggling back and forth across 10 or more different systems, leaving some systems unattended while you examine others.

Protection from Every Direction

Locking down everything is critical. The only way to ensure that your network is secure is by ensuring that everything connected to it is secure. Secure your individual computers, phones, tablets, and other extensions of your network.

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See all 10 critical considerations in choosing your cyber security solution

Check Point vs. Fortinet


2021 Buyer’s Guide to Cyber Security

Key Highlights

Cyber Security Buyer's Guide key highlights

  • Detailed analysis of the 10 most important considerations in selecting a cyber security vendor
  • Access to the Agony Meter – a scale that measures the efficiency of various security management platforms
  • Recommendations on how to select a cyber security vendor that will protect your organization from the latest threats
  • Improved ROI by making smarter cyber security decisions

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