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Webinar: Controlling the World Wild Web

As Web 2.0 continues to integrate into the work place, employees are increasingly downloading applications and visiting social media sites. These new trends introduce new threats to your organization. Can you afford to shut down access when much of this activity is supporting business goals? How do you balance between IT compliance and user demand? In this webinar, we will discuss how Check Point's Web Control solution addresses the dynamic and real-time nature of Web 2.0 threats - allowing your business to harness the power of the Internet without compromising security.

Learn how Check Point's Web Control leads the industry in securing Web 2.0 by:

  • Leveraging the industry's largest application library with over 240,000 Web 2.0 applications and social network widgets
  • Centralizing policy management to offer unmatched leverage and control, enabling organizations to use a single repository for user and group definitions, network objects, access rights and security policies across their entire security infrastructure
  • Engaging employees in the decision-making process and enabling IT administrators to tailor application usage policies
  • Increasing performance and productivity while lowering your total cost of ownership

Featured Speakers:

Tamar Shafler
Tamar Shafler
Product Manager,
Check Point Software

Controlling the World Wild Web

Controlling the World Wild Web