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Welcome to the Future of Cyber Security

The pervasiveness of digital transformation and IoT calls for fundamental changes to existing and future IT security strategies. Join us at Check Point Experience 2017 for an opportunity to network with your peers and colleagues, listen to case studies and best practices and learn how to implement innovative strategies to secure your business.

Sessions offered will include:

  • Check Point CyberTalks
  • The Future of Cyber Security
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Meet the Experts
  • Technology Innovation Labs
  • Check Point Roadmap Session
  • Check Point and Partner Expo

We look forward to seeing you at CPX 2017!


Gil Shwed

Founder and CEO

Gil Shwed is the founder and Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Shwed is considered the inventor of the modern firewall and authored several patents, such as the company’s Stateful Inspection technology.

    Amnon Bar-Lev


    Amnon Bar-Lev, President at Check Point, is responsible for worldwide sales, global partner programs, business development and technical services for the company.

      Dorit Dor

      Vice President of Products

      Dr. Dorit Dor, Vice President of products at Check Point, manages all product definition and development functions for both the enterprise and consumer divisions of the company

        Joey Smith

        CISO, Schnuck Markets

        Joey Smith (CISSP, EnCE) joined Schnuck Markets as the Chief Information Security Officer in January 2014 and is responsible for enhancing the security program of the company.

          Patrick Woods

          CISO, Missouri State Highway Patrol

          Patrick J. Woods serves as the Chief Information Security Officer for the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the Patrol’s CJIS Division Assistant Director for cyber security & technology.

            Scott Cragg

            Former Federal CIO

            A former Federal Executive, Mr. Cragg founded Crystal Reef LLC to broaden his portfolio to include private equity, start-ups in technology and healthcare, and consulting in technology and law enforcement.

              Steve Zalewski

              Chief Security Architect, Levi Strauss & Co.

              Mr. Zalewski is currently the Chief Security Architect at Levi Strauss, responsible for the company’s global cyber security strategy in addition to managing the security intelligence and incident response organization.

                Rafi Zvi

                CEO and Co-Founder

                Rafi Zvi is CEO and Co-Founder of BackBox. Rafi is responsible for company operations and has grown the company to become a global player in the market and a leading provider of solutions for automated backup and recovery software for security and network devices.

                  Ruvi Kitov

                  CEO and Co-Founder of Tufin

                  Ruvi Kitov is CEO and Co-Founder of Tufin, the leading provider of Network Security Policy Orchestration solutions. Since Tufin’s founding in 2005, Ruvi has led the company through successful growth

                    Avi Rembaum

                    VP of Security Solutions

                    Avi Rembaum is Check Point’s Vice President, Security Solutions. Avi is responsible for the solution center, incident response team, strategic alliance program and security architecture function.

                      Peter Alexander

                      Chief Marketing Officer

                      As CMO, Peter leads Check Point’s Marketing Organization, including Corporate Marketing, Corporate Communications, GEO/Field Marketing, Strategic Marketing, and Demand Generation.

                        Gabi Reish

                        VP of Product Marketing & Product Management

                        Gabi Reish is VP of Product Marketing & Product Management at Check Point. A recognized security advocate, Gabi brings more than 15 years of experience in the data networking industry.

                          Neatsun Ziv

                          VP of Threat Prevention

                          Neatsun is Check Point’s Vice President for Threat Prevention. He has led a few of the key innovations within the company and is the internal founder of the Cloud Initiative.

                            Michael Shaulov

                            Head of Mobility Product Management

                            Michael Shaulov leads product direction for Check Point’s mobile security solutions including Check Point Mobile Threat Prevention.

                              Orli Gan

                              Product Manager, Threat Prevention

                              Orli Gan, Head of Threat Prevention Product Management, has a background in development as well as in Product Management. Orli brings more than 20 years of experience in data security.

                                Dan Wiley

                                Head of Incident Response

                                Daniel Wiley, Head of Incident Response, manages Check Point’s advanced security operations including the Incident Response Service.

                                  Moti Sagey

                                  Head of Strategic Marketing

                                  Moti Sagey is the Head of Strategic Marketing & Intelligence at Check Point Software. Moti is responsible for strategically transforming intelligence and information into a compelling and resonating story.

                                    Oded Vanunu

                                    Head of Products Vulnerability Research

                                    Oded Vanunu is the Group Manager of Security Research. His main responsibilities include leading white-hat hacker groups to identify low-high risk vulnerabilities in Check Point products.

                                      Brian Linder

                                      Datacenter Sales Manager

                                      Brian Linder’s light hearted and engaging presentation style will help you manage the information overload and fatigue we all experience at these amazing events.


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                                        1) Unleashing the Power of the Cloud in a Secured Manner (Room: Breakers H)
                                        2) SandBlast Zero-Day Threat Prevention Workshop (Room: Breakers I)
                                        3) Security Management Automation and Orchestration with R80.10 (Room: Breakers J)
                                        4) R80.10 Hands-On Security Management & Gateway (Room: Breakers K)
                                        5) Mobile Threat Prevention Best Practices (Room: Breakers L)

                                        7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
                                        On-Site Registration

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Convention Center Foyer, Level 2

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Convention Center Foyer, Level 2

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H We are all living in a connected world which is affecting every aspect of our lives.  In the past couple of years, we have been discussing implications of a  technology and digital-driven world (i.e.) cloud, mobile, advanced threats.  Today, we are seeing some of our worst predictions shaping into real life. So why are businesses not protecting themselves and instead keep making excuses?  In today’s world, business need security that meet their business needs. Gil Shwed's discussion defines the pillars of security that businesses should adopt, based on their actual business needs.

                                        Gil Shwed, Founder and CEO, Check Point

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H Public Sector CIO’s and CTO's exist in increasingly treacherous times. And their roles, scope and functions fluctuate in real time and are dependent on variables such as environment, politics, personalities, budgets, (the media), etc. Government is expected to provide high cost, low ROI outcomes that citizenry’s demand. With this unfortunately, CIO’s and CTO’s have also become easy targets of opportunity when it all goes bad. Whether it's your legacy or the organization, you’re expected to get the organization to the other side. Even then, your future may be less bright. So, what should you be doing? What are your security challenges? What are your options?

                                        Scott Cragg, CIO, Intelligence Community 

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H We are in an extraordinary time in human history. Thanks to innovative and disruptive technologies we live longer, healthier and more educated than ever before. While technologies such as cloud computing, mobile and Internet of Things open up new opportunities, they are, in many cases, the biggest barriers for adoption due to cyber security concerns. How do you innovate, inspire and compete while remaining secure? In his inspiring session, Amnon Bar-Lev shares the Check Point vision on how organizations can keep focus on innovating while being secured with a security architecture that is one step ahead.

                                        Amnon Bar-Lev, President, Check Point

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H This talk will present some of the business challenges, learnings and roadmaps from a security perspective to protect the global Levi Brand.

                                        Steve Zalewski, Chief Security Architect, Levi Strauss

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H More than 70% of  the organizations are committed to a cloud strategy in 2017. Businesses are moving their applications to the Cloud to gain more agility and efficiencies. At the same time, Cloud security remains their  top concern. Customers are looking for solution to secure their data and applications from modern threat targeting their shared, connected and agile cloud environment.  Join us for a fireside chat with top leaders from AWS, Azure and learn about their perspectives and recommendations for security best practices in the cloud.

                                        A Fireside Chat with Amazon and Microsoft

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H Join this exciting live demo to see first hand how easy it is to hack any smartphone today. In this session Michael Shaulov will demonstrate live hacking of a smartphone, the risks and possible mitigations for the new achiles heel of enterprises today and tomorrow.

                                        Michael Shaulov, Head of Product Management and Product Marketing, Mobile and Cloud Security, Check Point

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H

                                        Gabi Reish, VP, Product Management and Product Marketing, Check Point

                                        Room: Shoreline Hall

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom A-F

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom A-F When it comes to choosing the right security architecture and security vendor, what does it take to win your trust?  In this session, Moti Sagey will cover three key pillars the security solution must possess to win in a highly competitive environment:  Uncompromised Security, Everywhere Architecture and Operational Efficiency. Moti will share pragmatic tips to unveil the true efficacy of the solution with zero marketing "fluffy claims".

                                        Moti Sagey, Head of Strategic Marketing, Check Point

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom A-F In this future-centric presentation, Dorit Dor shares the Check Point Technology roadmap to secure the future of cyber security, the evolution of IT and threats, network security, flexible apps, and how to tie it all together.

                                        Dorit Dor, Vice President of Products, Check Point

                                        Room: Omnia Nightclub, Caesar’s Palace

                                        8:00 AM - 9:00 AM
                                        On-Site Registration

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Convention Center Foyer, Level 2

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H Ransomware reached epidemic proportions in 2016. Organizations of all sizes and sectors fell victim to malware that locked down, encrypted – and in some cases threatened to destroy – critical systems and data. How would you avoid becoming tomorrow’s headline? How can businesses continue to operate without disruption despite this looming threat? Learn how Check Point Anti-Ransomware technology protects against every type of ransomware attack, ensuring you uninterrupted access to your data.

                                        Orli Gan, Head of Product Management and Product Marketing, Threat Prevention, Check Point

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H The dark web is quickly evolving into a marketplace of information and tools that the hackers and adversaries use to breach company networks. The question we face as an industry is how to leverage an awareness of information for sale in the dark web to improve corporate security architectures. This session showcase real examples of data in the dark web and suggest pragmatic tips to mitigate future attacks.

                                        Avi Rembaum, Vice President, Security Solutions and Neatsun Ziv, VP, Threat Prevention, Check Point

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H Based on real world experiences of helping customers, this candid discussion will focus on ensuring that your organization is prepared when a breach occurs in your network.  The discussion will provide real world examples of what works and what doesn't work and provides a framework on how to center your organization's security strategy to face any incident head on.

                                        Dan Wiley, Head of Incident Response, Check Point

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H In this session, CISO Joey Smith will discuss understanding the importance of compliance and security and how they are very different. Additionally, he will review many of the personal leanings that he has gained from his experience as a CISO responsible for maturing an Information Security program.

                                        Joey Smith, CISO, Schnuck Markets

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H Ready or not, the Internet of things (IoT) is here. No longer a buzz word, it continues to grow at an unprecedented pace for years to come and is expected to reach over 25 billion connected devices by 2020. Most IoT devices, apps, and infrastructure were developed without security in mind and have already been exploited on major hacking campaigns in the past two years and will continue to be the main targets for hackers. Are organizations ready to protect themselves? What are the key vulnerable points? In this session, Oded Vanunu enters into the hacker’s mind to exploit IoT devices. Oded will also share insights on possible mitigations for these threats

                                        Oded Vanunu, Head Of Products Vulnerability Research, Check Point

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H The era of cloud is upon us; firms of all sizes and in all walks of life are looking to leverage the agility and elasticity of cloud. But cloud carries a totally new and unique set of security challenges. In this informative and entertaining session, you will take away five key tenets of cloud security, along with an accompanying set of recommendations on best practices securing hybrid cloud deployments. Brian Linder will share a healthy dose of a real-life experience with an actual Check Point customer use case securing their complex hybrid cloud deployment.

                                        Brian Linder, Datacenter Sales Manager, Eastern US, Check Point

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom G + H This thought-provoking session will challenge current models in cyber security management and architecture that suggest that complex problems demand complex solutions. Instead, it is a simplified approach, keeping users and senior leadership engaged while leveraging key partnerships that will prepare organizations to combat the cyber threats of today and tomorrow.

                                        Patrick Woods, CISO, Missouri State Highway Patrol

                                        Room: Shoreline Hall

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom A-F

                                        1:30 PM - 4:00 PM
                                        Technology Innovation Labs

                                        Threat Prevention (Room: Surf A + B)
                                        Security Architecture (Room: Surf C + D)

                                        Room: Mandalay Bay Ballroom J

                                        Ruvi Kitov, CEO and Co-Founder, Tufin


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