Alrov Luxury Hotels protects against cyber threats with Check Point to ensure flawless guest experience

We tested 30 endpoint servers by injecting malware to test the level of protection. SandBlast Agent detected and blocked every single one.
– Moshe Revivo, CTO, Alrov Luxury Hotels


Alrov Luxury Hotels
Alrov Luxury Hotels is a developer, owner and operator of luxury hotels. It has properties in the UK, Netherlands, France and Israel. It is looking at further expansion, acquiring landmark properties in tourism hotspots in New York and Western Europe.

Alrov Luxury Hotels is part of Alrov Properties and Lodgings, a real estate developer with projects in Europe, the Middle East and North America.

Business Challenge

Creating a superior guest experience
The Mamilla Hotel and the David Citadel Hotel, both located in Jerusalem, are two of Alrov Luxury Hotels important properties. Both hotels aim to provide a flawless hospitality experience for guests. As part of this, safeguarding guests’ data, preferences and credentials is critical.

“The task is to balance corporate security and end-user flexibility,” says Moshe Revivo, CTO of Alrov Luxury Hotels: “From an operational perspective we have to protect all endpoints. This includes our employees, our Points of Sale, payment and reservation systems, as well as our sales and travel partners.”

Revivo says the challenge is to allow staff the ability to work fluently, with a seamless user experience, while having the assurance that all IT systems are managed, updated, and secured. “We are part of an international group of companies,” he explains. “It is critical we secure a complex, distributed IT environment.”


Enterprise cloud endpoint protection
Following a detailed analysis of the cyber security market, Alrov Luxury Hotels deployed Check Point SandBlast Agent® in early 2019.

“We were looking for a one-stop-shop vendor that provides all cyber security measures without compromise,” says Revivo. “We tested 30 endpoint servers, injecting malware to test the level of protection. SandBlast Agent detected and blocked every single one.”

Simplified management was also a factor. With Alrov working across multiple sites, and with a small cyber security team, Revivo wanted to control all endpoints from one central location: “We have a small team and we need to be as hands-free as possible. The cloud management aspect of Check Point SandBlast Agent was key.”

Check Point SandBlast Agent is an endpoint security product. It is designed to prevent the latest fifth generation (Gen V) cyber-attacks, targeting enterprise endpoints, servers, laptops, and desktops. The product includes threat prevention tools that protect Mamilla Hotel and David Citadel from known and unknown endpoint threats.


Securing endpoints in a distributed, multi-site network
Check Point provides an end-to-end, hands-free solution that includes SandBlast security deployment, seamless management, automatic updates of security engines, premium automatic zero-day phishing detection, response and remediation. To date, Alrov Luxury Hotels has deployed 250 endpoints. Revivo says an additional 400 endpoints are planned for the SET hotels in Europe.

“The advantage of the Check Point solution is that it’s easily scalable. It can be deployed in our hotels in London, Paris and Amsterdam with a click of a button.

“The main benefit of Check Point, with our distributed environment, is that we have a single control center for all endpoints wherever they are deployed,” says Revivo. “Since we’re only a small IT team, making things simple to maintain is very important. One vendor, with a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, makes security easy to manage across the entire environment.”

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