Electric Motor Manufacturer Completes Mobile Security with Check Point Solutions

We’ve reduced the number of firewall rules in our Italian data centers by more than half thanks to the new Check Point solutions. Overall, we succeeded in reducing the time and effort spent on security problems by 40%.”
—Moreno Panetto, IT Systems Manager, Askoll


Askoll is an Italian company with 11 plants throughout the world and more than 2,000 employees. Founded in 1978 by Elio Marioni, Askoll has been developing highly innovative technologies for electric motors, by using synchronous technology. Initially developed for the aquarium sector, this technology was subsequently extended to the world of home appliances (Askoll is a partner of Bosch, Siemens, LG, Samsung, Haier, Whirlpool) and, since 2015, to the world of sustainable mobility. Today, the company is the leading manufacturer and distributor of Italian electric vehicles through a network of single-brand stores and dealers in Italy and Europe.

Business Challenge

Protect users before devices
Askoll delivers IT services to its global locations from two data centers in Italy. “Our business changed quickly when we entered the electrical mobility market,” explains Moreno Panetto, IT Systems Manager at Askoll. “From that moment, we needed to protect our employees more effectively, whilst giving them the freedom to work from anywhere.”

The company has also developed a long-term partnership with IT service provider, Lantech Solutions, which manages Askoll’s firewalls globally.

“After careful consideration of numerous solutions, we chose Check Point because they had the same approach as us to cyber security: people first. We also trusted their partner, Lantech, when they recommended Check Point.”

With the business expanding, Askoll’s IT team had to ensure users were always connected and protected, on various devices and in any location.


Individual protection and simplified management
Check Point Identity Awareness allows Panetto’s team to create identity-based policies. This simplified the experience for both users and IT management, enabling the IT team to protect users and reduced the number of policies required.

In addition, Check Point’s mobile threat defense solution (MTD) SandBlast Mobile, means Askoll can monitor mobile devices and prevent cyber-attacks. With advanced protection and full threat visibility, even the latest and most unexpected threats are caught.

“We now have a mobile defense system consisting of SandBlast Mobile software and Check Point Identity Awareness,” says Panetto. “This is an efficient and effective way to protect our mobile environment.”


Increased productivity in a dynamic environment
With the Check Point mobile solutions implemented, Askoll is able to protect all users, with minimal involvement from the IT team. The Identity Awareness solution has reduced the number of IT security rules required, and increased visibility of user activity makes IT management much simpler:

“We’ve reduced the number of firewall rules in our Italian data centers from 460 to 260 thanks to the new Check Point solutions,” says Panetto. “Overall, we succeeded in reducing the time and effort spent on security problems by 40%.

“Check Point Identity Awareness allows staff to work from different offices worldwide, without constraints. SandBlast Mobile provides peace of mind by protecting devices from malware infected apps, to zero-day malware.”

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