CloudGuard Network Security for Amazon Web Services (Cloud Security)

“From a network operations standpoint, we are spending less than 2 percent of our expenses to run and manage all of our cloud infrastructure, as well as our internal network and user support. With cloud computing, secured by Check Point solutions, we can leverage world class infrastructure that we would never be able to build on our own as a startup.”
– Jason Warner, Ph.D., Director of Bioinformatics, Courtagen Life Sciences


Courtagen Life Sciences, Inc. offers innovative genomic and proteomic products and services for physicians and the diagnostics industry. Its tools and resources help clinicians make better decisions regarding patient care. Founded in 2012, Courtagen is privately-held and based in Woburn, MA.

Buisness Challenges

Courtagen Life Sciences has decades of experience as a leader in genomic services. The organization is relentlessly focused on applying next-generation sequencing technology to help patients and doctors drive personalized, precision medicine. To free its staff to concentrate on this key mission, Courtagen outsources its network and communications infrastructure. Amazon Web Services play an integral role in supporting the firm’s operations. This cloud-based solution provides agility and cost savings, along with scalability and support for users worldwide. But to be successful, the solution must also provide comprehensive security and support regulatory compliance.

“There is a great deal of scrutiny in terms of how ePHI (electronic protected health information) data is managed in the cloud,” says Timothy Olcott, Compliance Officer and Director of Manufacturing, Courtagen Life Sciences. “We needed technology partners that would meet all of the compliance and regulatory scrutiny for patient records stored in a cloud environment.”

Courtagen required a security solution that would work smoothly with its cloud environment and provide:

  • Comprehensive protection against network attacks and data breaches
  • Agility and flexibility to support changing needs
  • Simple management


The Check Point Solution

With the Check Point CloudGuard Network Security for Amazon Web Services, Courtagen can extend robust security to the cloud with the full range of protection using Check Point Software Blades. Easy to set up and use, the CloudGuard Network Security is a security gateway for virtual environments in the Amazon Cloud. It lets Courtagen prevent network attacks and data breaches, while enabling secure connectivity to Amazon’s cloud computing environment, which supports the majority of Courtagen’s computing power.

Robust Security to Support Cloud-Based IT

Courtagen needed a cloud-based environment that could provide accessibility to its own employees, as well as physicians and other healthcare organizations, yet incorporate strong security to safeguard patient records and other sensitive information. The organization initially selected an AWS Elastic Compute Cloud, and then migrated to Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud. Courtagen connects directly to the AWS cloud through an Ethernet Private Line (EPL) provided by Level 3 Communications. Three Check Point CloudGuard Network Securitys for Amazon Web Services provide secure connectivity to the cloud environment.

Support for Dispersed and Mobile Employees and Partners

Many of Courtagen’s employees work offsite or on the move, so the firm needed a solution that provided secure access for people from any location. Courtagen’s cloud-based solution, safeguarded by the Check Point CloudGuard Network Security for AWS, lets the firm deliver the ubiquitous access it needs with complete peace of mind.

“Courtagen has three primary sites—one in Bermuda, one in California and our headquarters near Boston,” says McKernan. “We also have a field sales organization with about a dozen people, all of whom need secure access into our network. Mobility plays a very important role at Courtagen, and we wanted our outsourced solution to provide access anywhere, at any time.”

Reliable Operation for Critical Business Operations

With its key business operations residing in the cloud, Courtagen needed to be sure that its solution would provide highly available performance. The firm’s Check Point representative worked closely with the firm to develop a highly redundant solution with failover capabilities.

“Our Check Point engineer helped us ensure that the solution worked with Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud with multiple availability zones, a direct connection from Level 3 Communications and a public Internet connection that allowed doctors to access data,” says McKernan. “It involved a complex, challenging network architecture. Check Point helped us ensure that the connections were dependable, and compliant with proper audit trails.”


Lets Courtagen quickly enable advanced security for assets in the Amazon Cloud

  • Enables Courtagen to apply a Check Point CloudGuard Network Security with one click in Amazon Cloud
  • Customizable solution lets the firm choose the right software blades for its security requirements

Unified solution can manage hybrid environments of cloud and on-premise security

  • Courtagen can manage security in the Cloud with industry-leading security administration
  • Supports a single security policy for cloud and on-premise assets from one console
  • Simplifies compliance and audits with unified logs and reporting

Supports a variety of Check Point Software Blades for security in the Amazon Cloud

  • Access control and network segmentation with Check Point Firewall
  • IPS, Antivirus and Anti-Bot Software Blades for threat prevention in the cloud
  • VPN and Mobile Access Software Blades for secure connectivity and mobility
  • DLP Software Blade to protect data in the cloud and stop data breaches
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