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The Check Point Compliance Software Blade has made all of our audits an order of magnitude easier. It not only makes the auditing process faster, but instills confidence in our clients that we truly know what we are doing. In the compliance world, confidence is everything. – William Dippel, Manager, Networking, Data Security and Communications, DRI

Established in 1959, the Desert Research Institute (DRI) is a global leader investigating the effects of environmental change. The organization conducts leading-edge applied research in air, land, life, and water quality worldwide. With more than 500 employees and two campuses in Nevada, DRI generates $50 million in annual revenue.

DRI works closely with a variety of federal government clients, including the U.S. Department of Defense and Department of Energy. These organizations require regular audits and strict compliance with constantly-changing security criteria. DRI needed to:

  • Ensure and document compliance with U.S. government regulations
  • Eliminate manual compliance processes to boost efficiency
  • Extend IT visibility throughout the network

The Check Point Solution

The Check Point Compliance Software Blade enables DRI to meet its need for comprehensive compliance with government regulations, while controlling costs and improving security throughout the organization.

Secure sensitive customer data and ensure government compliance

DRI was seeking a better way to ensure and document regulatory compliance for its clients. Its existing processes were inefficient, sometimes requiring staff to manually walk through network configurations with auditors. The Check Point Compliance Software Blade provides granular visibility and guidance for applying best practices to compliance. “Check Point has done all the legwork for us,” says William Dippel, Manager of Networking, Data Security and Communications at DRI. “The solution is comprehensive, and covers the hardto-track minor settings that take us from an adequate level of compliance to a high level.”

Comprehensive solution improves network security insight

The Check Point solution provides a single platform that lets DRI increase its visibility into security. In the coming year, DRI will extend the scalable solution to encompass its network endpoints, for more complete, timely insight into the organization. “Our Check Point solution simply creates a feeling of confidence. Our auditor sees that we understand requirements, and has begun working with us to share knowledge and participate in other audits throughout the DRI organization,” says Dippel.

 Proactive, thorough compliance across sites

DRI maintains two major offices, as well as several small satellite labs throughout Nevada, all connected via VPN tunnels and protected by firewalls. Its VPN is a top security priority, and requires close, frequent attention. With the Check Point Compliance Software Blade, DRI can be sure that sensitive communication is always safe, secure, and fully compliant with government requirements. “Check Point lets us be more proactive than we ever were before. We don’t have to call someone in to help us figure out if our compliance is in good standing. We can just click on a tab on screen, view our current security posture, and we know where we stand,” says Brandon Peterson, Data Security Analyst at DRI.

Real-Time Compliance Monitoring Across Check Point Software Blades

  • Delivers real-time assessment of compliance with client regulations
  • “Real time monitoring and notification of compliance issues is great. When you are making changes on the fly, it speeds up the entire process for compliance issues.” – Dippel
  • Provides actionable recommendations to improve compliance

Fully Integrated into Software Blade Architecture and Management

  • Check compliance with every policy change for all Network Security Blades
  • 360° visibility of compliance status in Check Point SmartDashboard
  • “The solution was seamless, and was very easy to set up and use. It didn’t take long to get up and running, right off the bat.” – Peterson

Library of Over 250 Security Best Practices

  • “The best practices offered an amazing level of detail. Tiny changes in hard-to-find places were highlighted, and spelled out within the compliance framework. Our Check Point solution enabled us to take compliance to the next level.” – Dippel
  • Constantly monitors gateway configuration with the security best practices
  • Automated assessment reports for compliance rating with top regulations


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