Eurowind protects critical energy infrastructure from Gen V Cyber Attacks with Check Point Infinity Total Protection

The Check Point Infinity Total Protection model covers all current threats. I don’t have to choose different vendors for specific tasks or challenges. Everything is included.
– Kim Moberg, IT Manager, Eurowind Energy


Eurowind Energy
Founded in 2016, Eurowind Energy has since grown to become one of Europe’s leading developers and operators of PV- and wind turbine projects. It has operations throughout Europe, including Germany, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Bulgaria, and the United Kingdom. The business is headquartered in Denmark and has 130 employees.

Business challenge

Protecting critical energy infrastructure

Renewable energy has grown rapidly from being a niche investment to a critical piece of national infrastructure. Today, countries throughout Europe rely heavily on an uninterrupted supply of wind or solar energy (PV-energy). Cybersecurity, the means to protect this infrastructure from malicious attacks, is a key concern.
As one of Europe’s leading developers and operators of PV- and wind turbine projects, Eurowind has a central role to play in strengthening the security of energy assets. As national energy grids become smarter, and more international, there is a greater flow of data and more touch points. The greater the number of touch points, the greater the potential attack surface.
Eurowind wanted to establish complete visibility of its security posture, across its network, cloud and mobile environments. It wanted immediate protection and prevention, but also an understanding of new threats.


Unique subscription model to deliver unified security

Check Point Infinity Total Protection is a security model that provides enterprises with the complete threat prevention they need against multi-vector Gen V cyber-attacks. It does so in a simple, all-inclusive, per-user, per-year subscription offering.
“Check Point Infinity Total Protection enables us to identify threats, and then select the best product to deal with that threat,” says Kim Moberg, IT Manager, Eurowind Energy. “We can then use that Check Point product immediately.”
Check Point Next Generation Firewalls are used in the Eurowind head office, with Check Point firewalls in branch offices. To protect Eurowind’s Office 365 users, Moberg deployed Check Point Harmony Email & Office, a cloud service that prevents attacks on SaaS applications. He then addressed concerns around mobile usage with Harmony Mobile.
“We started with a test group of ten users, then rolled out to all users within six weeks. The advantage of Check Point Infinity Total Protection is that we have flexibility.”
Infinity Total Protection is the only subscription offering available today that includes both network security hardware and software, with fully integrated endpoint, cloud and mobile protections and zero-day threat prevention, together with unified management and 24/7 premium support.


Consolidated view enables strategic thinking
The engagement with Check Point, says Moberg, is ideal. As a growing business, the Infinity Total Protection model enables Eurowind to select the most appropriate product for the specific threat. It can scale as the business expands and means Eurowind needs only one relationship with one vendor.
“The Infinity Total protection model covers all current threats. I don’t have to choose different vendors for specific tasks or challenges. Everything is included,” explains Moberg. The Threat Emulation and Threat Extraction in CloudGuard mean threats are identified and quarantined. “Malicious code is removed and I can rest assured my users are protected,” says Moberg.
More than this, he continues, Eurowind has adopted a more proactive stance on security. SmartView Monitor provides clear visibility of traffic from branch offices, Moberg and team can build their own dashboards and reporting.
“We are a team of four, we cannot waste time on manual tasks. Check Point gives a consolidated, easy to manage view of the threats to our business. It gives me a real- time view of when a machine is attacked, how many mobile users are accessing malicious websites. Rather than being reactive, I have more time to think strategically.”

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