FXCM Inc. – 12000 and 4000 Appliances

“We trust Check Point as a company and as a product; there is nothing in the industry today that comes close.”

– Ryan Leonard, Director of Production Engineering, FXCM


FXCM Inc. (NYSE:FXCM) provides online foreign exchange trading and related services to retail and institutional customers worldwide. The company acts as an agent between retail customers, and a collection of global banks and financial institutions and offers access to over-the-counter foreign exchange markets through its proprietary technology platform. FXCM serves approximately 200,000 retail customers and 200 of the world’s top hedge funds and banks.

Buisness Challenges

Working across 15 global offices, FXCM serves more 200,000 retail customers and 200 of the world’s top hedge funds and banks. With its distributed environment FXCM was in need of a robust network security solution that could be deployed regionally and managed centrally by a small dedicated staff. FXCM looked to Check Point to deliver the following:

  • Robust integrated security
  • High-performance data center grade hardware
  • Simplified network security management, administration, and reporting
  • Single vendor eco-system


Check Point Appliances Deliver Integrated High-Performance Protection

Deployed within FXCM’s critical WAN environment, the Check Point 12000 series appliances secure the link between FXCM’s data centers, large offices, and liquidity sources. The 12000 appliances offer FXCM a mix of flexibility, performance, and high port density enabling it to support multiple lines at various rates on a single appliance. As a 24×5 shop, FXCM is also constantly concerned with uptime. The 12000 appliances provide hot-swappable redundant hard drives and power supplies to ensure business continuity and serviceability as part of FXCM’s comprehensive strategy. Additionally, FXCM utilizes Check 4000 series appliances to secure communication between some of its smaller branch offices and datacenters. The 4000 appliances offer comprehensive security with a mix of Software Blades to provide FXCM with integrated and layered protection.

Software Blade Architecture Provides Layered Protection
With a distributed environment and remote offices spanning the globe, leveraging the Check Point Software Blade Architecture enables FXCM to take a layered approach to security by deploying multiple security tools on individual appliances. This not only increases the company’s security posture, it saves time and expense as no additional hardware needs to be purchased, deployed, or configured. “Within our remote sites, it’s nice to have the ability to enable different types of technologies, which would normally be a whole different appliance, with just the click of button,” says Ryan Leonard, Director of Production Engineering at FXCM. FXCM leverages a number of Software Blades for different offices and departments around the world including Firewall, IPsec VPN, IPS, Identity Awareness, Application Control, URL Filtering, and DLP.

Centralized Management Simplifies a Complicated Environment
FXCM leverages Check Point Multi-Domain Security Management to manage, monitor, and administer its global security policies from a single, centralized console. In addition to daily management, FXCM relies on the system to create custom reports for PCI, SOX, CFTC and other domestic and international regulatory audits. Using the SmartCenter dashboard, FXCM is able to show topologies and how its products are deployed as well as basic configurations. “With Check Point, there’s a trust factor in the industry, we don’t have to go back and forth about our security posture for our firewalls; this saves us days with each audit.” – Leonard


Robust, High-performance Appliances

  • High-performance security ensures protection for FXCM’s data centers
  • Redundancy of hard drives and secondary power supplies ensures uptime in FXCM’s highly critical environment

Integrated Security

  • “It’s not really one thing that has drawn us to Check Point it’s the entire eco-system and how everything works together seamlessly.”– Leonard
  • The Check Point Software Blade Architecture gives a FXCM flexible, integrated, and extensible security solution

Simplified Management

  • Comprehensive reporting streamlines and shaves days off the auditing processes
  • Increased visibility enables FXCM to see its entire security eco-system from a “single pane of glass”
  • Having one eco-system and having everything contained within it is a life saver for us.” – Leonard
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