Check Point CloudGuard Network Security

Thanks to Check Point CloudGuard Network Security, we have a virtual security solution that fully integrates into our dynamic virtualized environment with all the performance, security, and functionality we’ve expected from our physical Check Point gateways for years.”
–Luc Steens, Team Leader, Security Managed Services, Getronics


Expert in workspace management services, connectivity, data centers and counseling, Getronics has a complete portfolio of integrated IT services and works according to a Global Service Delivery Model to deliver comprehensive services. The largest IT services provider in the Benelux, Getronics is part of the Dutch KPN Group and employs 12,000 people worldwide.

Business Challenge

In order to strengthen its competitive position in the market, Getronics must adapt to the growing trend towards virtualization in a responsible way, this means they cannot compromise on functionality, quality, flexibility, or manageability. Check Point CloudGuard Network Security provides the following:

  • Smooth, easy to use integration of virtual solutions in a mixed management environment
  • Simplified central and operational management of several clients in a shared environment
  • Mature and proven solutions with a proven quality track record


Check Point Security Gateway CloudGuard Network Security

To provide integrated protection within its virtualized infrastructure, both for internal use and as a managed service, Getronics leverages Check Point CloudGuard Network Security (CGNS). Deployed as a virtual machine within Getronics VMware environment, Check Point CloudGuard Network Security delivers hypervisor-level protection including Firewall, IPS, Anti-malware and host of other features to protect Getronics dynamic virtual environment from external and internal threats including those propagating from inter-VM traffic. “With Check Point CloudGuard Network Security we’re able to integrate security directly into our virtualized environment. It also gives us the ability to offer complete virtualized security services to our customers, its simple to just switch the service on and tailor it to their specific needs and requirements. Changeover is smooth and quick, and completely seamless.” – Luc Steens, Team Leader, Security Managed Services, Getronics

Remote management speeds up response times

Check Point CloudGuard Network Security simplifies operational management and enables Getronics to solve issues remotely any time. This increases flexibility and shortens the company’s response times considerably. “With Check Point CloudGuard Network Security and the Software Blade architecture, we can expand on-demand CloudGuard Network Security solutions, depending on the demand or type of threat. This is accomplished while managing all customers’ sites in a consistent and efficient manner through a single, centralized user interface.” – Steens

Centralized Security Management

Check Point Multi-Domain Security Management sits within Getronics’ virtualized environment and enables administration of the CloudGuard Network Security solution. This allows Getronics to significantly reduce hardware costs and work much more efficiently by giving its administrators a single view of all domains from a single centralized management platform. This enables Getronics to provide its customers with instant monitoring reports and analysis, saving a significant amount of time by alleviating task intensive manual filtering and compilation of data.


Proven Security

  • Virtualization with proven solutions guarantees optimal security
  • Check Point CloudGuard Network Security runs on Check Point’s extensible Software Blade Architecture
  • Provides protection specifically for virtualized environments, defending VMs from external threats as well as those propagating from inter-VM traffic

Simplified Management

  • Provides significantly lower operating costs
  • Simplifies management and maintenance
  • Enables management of multiple domains with centralized management
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