Henny Penny Supports Remote Workforce Securely and Efficiently with Check Point

“Check Point Mobile Access let us get out in front of the COVID-19 outbreak and enable people to work securely from home within days. We got our license updated and experienced no problems. Our Check Point representative understood what was taking place and provided a quick turnaround.”
– Jason Thomas, Senior Security Analyst, Henny Penny


Henny Penny
Henny Penny designs, develops, and manufactures premium food service equipment known for reliability, ease of use, and low operating costs.

Business Challenge

Securing a Global, Cloud-Powered Manufacturing Organization
For more than 60 years, Henny Penny has proudly served many of the world’s most demanding kitchens. Headquartered in Eaton, Ohio, the company offers a rich portfolio of products along with start-up, service, training and technical support through its global distribution network. Like most manufacturers, Henny Penny depends on its network infrastructure to power its most important supply chain operations and keep its employees productive.

“What keeps me up at night is what our users are doing with their endpoints, and where they’re going,” said Jason Thomas, Senior Security Analyst at Henny Penny. “There’s always the concern that someone will click on a link on an email or web site, and go to a malicious site without knowing about it. Since I’m a one-person security team, I need to see everything that’s taking place and who’s going where.”

Henny Penny’s 900 employees work in numerous locations, including in the office, from home, and in the field at customer locations, using a variety of endpoint devices. To keep its environment safe, the company’s small IT staff needed next-generation protection that provided deep visibility and agility—on an interface that was simple to use.


Check Point In-Depth Protection and Total Control
To gain the insights and granular control it needed, Henny Penny deployed Check Point Next Generation Security Gateways at four sites in the U.S. and China. Integrating the most advanced threat prevention and a consolidated management, Check Point security gateway appliances are designed to prevent any cyber-attack, reduce complexity, and control costs. The company simply enabled the integrated security features available in Check Point Next-Gen Firewalls. This included Mobile Access, Anti-Bot, Anti-Malware, Application Control, and URL Filtering.

“Check Point allows us to protect our organization on multiple levels, looking at the data that goes between the end points, as well as data that comes out of our data center,” said Thomas. “At our primary data center actually Check Point Next Generation Security Gateways report to me every day what’s going on. I can follow up by looking at Check Point Threat Prevention, Application Control, and URL Filtering.”

Securely Supporting Workers on the Go
Henny Penny wanted to protect not only its data center, but its mobile employees in the field. Check Point Mobile Access lets these road warriors securely connect to corporate applications over the Internet with a smart phone, PC, or tablet. Its Layer-3 VPN and SSL/TLS VPN support lets them simply and securely connect to email, calendar, contacts and corporate applications. Check Point Anti-Malware in the Check Point NGFW efficiently detects and removes malware from endpoints with a single scan.

“We have some sales reps and people in the field who work remotely, surfing the web and collaborating on email,” said Thomas. “Check Point allows us to control where they can go and what they can do, if they receive a suspicious link or an unsolicited email. They may be in a hurry and more apt to click on a link before thinking about it.”


Keeping Users Productive and Minimizing Risk with Granular Control
Check Point provides the advanced security that Thomas needs to extend full protection to the workforce, decrease risk, and help keep employees more productive.

“With Check Point, I’ve increased my granularity of control,” said Thomas. “When I first joined Henny Penny, people could visit sites that weren’t suitable for work. Check Point let us close those gaps, and we have also increased our bandwidth availability so that more work could be done. There’s less web surfing and YouTube watching. We can still allow access to things like social media. It’s open, but it’s also limited.”

Enabling a Rapid Response to the COVID-19 Outbreak
When the COVID-19 outbreak emerged, Henny Penny had to respond fast. Fortunately, with Check Point Mobile Access, the company already had the components in place to enable employees to work securely from home. With a quick licensing upgrade, the company could keep its operations running without missing a beat.

“We went from having just a handful of remote users to having the entire company be covered within a week,” said Thomas. “Check Point got ahead of that, knew what was going on and just processed all these things. We had the license key within a matter of days and worked on getting it implemented, and then we were good to go That’s why we have Check Point. They understand what’s going on and work with their customers in making sure that they’re taken care of.”

Simplified, Intuitive Management
Check Point delivers all the capabilities Henny Penny requires through a single pane of glass, to help its small IT team make the most of limited resources.

“Check Point allows me to quickly make changes and set up exceptions as needed,” said Thomas. “If I have to add a new genre of web sites that need to be blocked, or modify phishing, the SmartConsole allows me to do that within 15 or 20 minutes. I can make that change, and it’s good to go. Before, that type of process didn’t exist. Check Point saves me five to ten hours a week on administration tasks that I used to do manually, as well as remediation.”

The security threat landscape is changing all the time, and Check Point is continually enhancing its solution to help Henny Penny stay ahead of risks before they can impact its business.

“I just finished doing upgrades two weeks ago, with no problems,” said Thomas. “That’s another reason why I like Check Point, because they’re on top of things. They see what new threats are coming down the pipe, and they are able to bring that into your hardware immediately without having to purchase an upgrade.”

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