Hospital 9 de Julho – Data Loss Prevention Software Blade

“Our experience with Check Point solutions has been very positive. We have been able to manage access better and even block unwanted content. On the day we migrated our systems to Check Point’s solutions, the transition was smooth and went as planned. It was transparent for users.”

– Igor Morales, Infrastructure Coordinator, Hospital 9 de Julho


Hospital 9 de Julho is one of the most important private health institutions in Brazil. Founded in 1955, in São Paulo, SP, Brazil, it cares for over 9,000 patients a month in the Emergency Room. The hospital has 4,000 registered doctors and 1,700 people on staff.

Buisness Challenges

Hospital 9 de Julho only used to have a “home-made” solution. It was simple and did not offer complete security or efficient controls to protect data and information leakage. With the difficult task of managing without an effective system, the hospital often faced critical situations without having information or complete visibility of what was going on in its system.

Main deficiencies:

  • Inefficient tools and applications to support the infrastructure
  • Make teams aware of the importance of controlling access and protecting information


Security Gateway Software Blades:

  • DLP—Data Loss Prevention software to control and prevent internal and external information leakage.
  • Firewall—Provides the highest level of security to block unauthorized network users and protect enterprise users and data.
  • IPSec VPN—Remote access solution (IPSec) for corporate resources.
  • URL Filtering—Filter for controlling access to Internet content
  • Identity Awareness—Identification of users, machines, and IP addresses on the corporate network.
  • Application Control—Solution for controlling application access on the corporate network.
  • IPS—Intrusion Prevention System solution to protect the network against supposed attempted attacks and a means of detecting malicious traffic.


Complete Picture of Security

  • Make employees aware of security policies
  • Prevent internal and external attacks
  • Quick, safe and timely processes, and more practical service

Fast Implementation Process

  • “ The Check Point solutions were implemented quickly and practically and were well-planned. The upshot is that Hospital 9 de Julho now has the most high-tech information security that will not only benefit it in terms of protecting data, but also with controlling suspicious access and user education.”

– Igor Morales, Infrastructure Coordinator at Hospital 9 de Julho

Easy to Manage

  • Network administrator can customize policies by user area
  • View intelligent reports
  • End-user education: User Check feature alerts in real-time and educates to avoid future incidents


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