Inventec Deploys Highly Scalable, Proactive Defenses with Check Point

“Check Point Quantum Maestro, Horizon SOC, and Unified Security Management deliver unmatched scalability with simplicity. We no longer need to worry about throughput and consistent defenses. We hope to extend our successful experience, connecting more regions to deliver advanced protection without worry.”
– J.Y Hsu, IT Director, Inventec


Headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, Inventec manufactures a diverse range of electronics products and offers contract manufacturing services for global electronics companies. The company’s products are used in computing, solar energy systems, and IoT networks, among other applications. Inventec also provides cloud software and services, enterprise system solutions, and renewable energy products to a global customer base.

Business Challenges

Moving to Zero Trust
As a global manufacturer, Inventec is no stranger to cyber threats. With offices and production sites in Asia, Europe, and North America, the company has a large footprint to secure. The pandemic created an even larger attack surface when many employees were forced to work from home or remotely. In addition to users and devices, Inventec must protect a wealth of research, development, and proprietary manufacturing data.

“Global digitalization has increased the pressure on all cybersecurity infrastructure,” said J.Y Hsu, IT Director at Inventec. “A data breach can have catastrophic consequences to an organization, so security vigilance is essential. We have adopted a zero trust security approach to better protect our assets.”

Inventec has a traditional switched network infrastructure and a VMware ESX private cloud. The company relied on SonicWall systems for internet firewalling and Cisco Access Control Lists (ACLs) to protect the network. An endpoint security solution was also in place. As part of its new zero trust security infrastructure design, Inventec decided to improve network segmentation and visibility.

“In today’s environment, this was no longer enough,” said Mr. Hsu. “We began looking for a new security solution with high scalability for large traffic volumes, threat visibility, and easy manageability. We chose Check Point.”


Scale, Security, and Manageability All Together
Inventec began by deploying Check Point Quantum Security Gateways and Quantum Maestro Hyperscale Orchestrator for ultra-scalable protection of their networks and assets. Quantum Security Gateways provide advanced protection with firewall, DLP, IPsec VPN, DLP, application control, IPS, antivirus, and anti-bot features with SSL/TLS traffic inspection. SandBlast Zero Day Protection adds threat extraction and threat emulation for zero-day attacks. Quantum Maestro makes it simple to scale security gateways on demand—from a single gateway to converged capacity of up to 52 gateways and more than 1 Tbps of threat prevention throughput.

“We easily migrated our previous firewall rules onto Quantum Security Gateways,” said Mr. Hsu. “It works great, and we plan to add another gateway to gain even more capacity. Thanks to Check Point and our partner, Hwacom, the deployment went extremely well and our team learned a lot.”

Inventec also chose Check Point CloudGuard Network Security to secure its VMware ESX private cloud. CloudGuard provides cloud-native advanced threat prevention and automated cloud security through a virtual security gateway. Automation ensures consistent policy management and enforcement for advanced security protection.

Check Point Horizon SOC and Check Point Unified Security Management deliver unprecedented visibility to the team. Horizon SOC uses big data analysis powered by Check Point ThreatCloud to accurately pinpoint real attacks from millions of daily logs and alerts. Now the Inventec team can immediately see malicious activity or attacks with 99.9% precision in a single console. Automated triage and single-click remediation enable fast response. Unified Security Management consolidates management across cloud and on-premises environments, greatly simplifying security operations.

“We expect Horizon SOC to help us proactively secure assets,” said Mr. Hsu. “With real-time threat analysis, we can stay one step ahead.”


Proactive Defense
Inventec moved its L2 network traffic into more than 80 VLAN interfaces, enabling consistent security protection for all traffic across the network. Quantum Security Gateways and Quantum Maestro effortlessly scale as needed to deliver maximum threat prevention and ensure that no traffic is left unprotected.

In the past, finding and identifying new threats was extremely difficult. Digging through logs was time-consuming and yielded insufficient detail to make confident remediation decisions. With detailed visibility across the entire infrastructure and powerful AI-powered threat analysis through Horizon SOC , Inventec’s team has gained the advantage over attackers.

“Check Point provides much better network security and higher visibility,” said Mr. Hsu. “It identifies a vast number of threats and malicious applications. Fast threat protection updates ensure that we have strong protection against zero-day attacks.”

Simpler Management
Unified Security Management is saving time and resources for Inventec’s security team. Security gateways are automatically updated with the latest protections and Unified Security Management dynamically updates policies, mapping user and cloud assets as they change. If an issue occurs, the team can quickly identify the root cause and remediate the problem. Unifying on-premises to private cloud protections, automation, and comprehensive visibility can reduce operations tasks by up to 80%.

“Check Point’s industry-leading protection and advanced reporting give us much better control than the previous ACL solution,” said Mr. Hsu. “Check Point makes our team’s job much easier, and we’ve achieved outstanding performance in identifying risks and remediating any issues.”

Protection Today and Tomorrow
In the past, scaling security defenses across the company was cost-prohibitive, technically challenging, and resource-intensive. With Check Point, that has changed.

“Check Point Quantum Maestro, Horizon SOC, and Unified Security Management deliver unmatched scalability with simplicity,” said Mr. Hsu. “We no longer need to worry about throughput and consistent defenses. We hope to extend our successful experience, connecting more regions to deliver advanced protection without worry.”

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